St-Labre 200

  • Dates:July 5, 2019 - July 6, 2019 ( Recurring daily )
  • Location:St. Labre 200 Raceway
  • City:St. Labre
  • Times:From: 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Admission:Free - Be a fan Bring a can
  • Address: 24007 St. Labre Road St. Labre, MB
  • Contact: Joel Grenier
  • Phone: (204) 429-3241
  • Email:Send Email
  • Website:Visit Website
  • Region: Eastern
  • Ticket Info: Free

Day 1 - You Build / Day 2 - You Race

St-Labre 200 is so unique and original, that we dare say it is the only event of its kind in Canada. St-Labre 200 Inc. has 18 teams registered to build their own go-karts within 24 hours. Every team sets up their build area alongside the pit lane. All teams are provided with identical basic power train components (motor, wheels, chains, sprockets, brakes). Teams show up with raw steel and must build their frame on site within the 24 hour allotted period. A team is composed of approx. 8 people. In order to make sure they have the best kart, some teams equip themselves with professional mechanics, welders, and engineers. A not to be missed event in rural Manitoba.

Teams finish building their go-karts and take part in a fast-paced, nail biting 200-lap race on a quarter mile dirt track (50 miles). Because the track is very rough, and it can be exhausting to race, a team will have at least 3 drivers who can handle this aggressive and physically demanding battle. Racing starts Saturday at 10 am, with the main event taking place on Saturday evening, keeping the entire crowd in suspense until the end.

In order to keep the spectators motivated and captivated for 2 days, and before the main race, there are themed races where spectators are invited to drive, plus activities, events and live entertainment for children, pre-teens, teens, adults, seniors – the whole family!
In order to make sure that St-Labre 200 is accessible to as many families as possible, the campsites are free, admission is free, the children games and activities are free.

St-Labre 200
  • (204) 429-3241
  • 24007 St. Labre Road
  • St. Labre, MB