Northgate Trail System

Northgate Dauphin is a 26 km system of stacked loop, multi-use trails featuring sections for mountain bikers, hiking, trail running, and areas to gather and take in the scenery of Riding Mountain National Park’s beautiful “North Escarpment”.

The main trailhead area is situated on the border of the national park, only 7 minutes south of the City of Dauphin, on Highway 10. Here, at the Northgate Trailhead, visitors will find the Co-op Community Spaces Family Trail section – a great place to hike, bike, and play, which also connects to trails of varying and increasing difficulty within the system. Running alongside a portion of the 3km limestone path at the trailhead, is a winding, roving pump track for children and adults alike to hone their skills on typical single-track features. The trailhead area will be under construction in 2020 and visitors are asked to check the Northgate Trails website home page for updates on accessibility. When complete, the trailhead area will feature 4-season camping units, washrooms, picnic and cooking spaces, and natural play areas.

The trailhead area and connecting trails are set on a mix of private and City land, eventually meandering into the Selo Ukraina Heritage Site, which hosts both Dauphin’s Countryfest and Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival. Along with heritage and festival sites, the trail system winds its way through the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve, giving trail users an ever-changing physical experience, with endless flora and fauna, winding streams, and beautiful shale rock formations.