National Indigenous Residential School Museum of Canada

The National Indigenous Residential School Museum is uniquely located within the former Portage la Prairie Indian Residential School. It is situated on the urban land of the Long Plain First Nation, adjacent to the city of Portage La Prairie. The National Indigenous Residential School Museum was created to have “a place where people can learn, share, heal and move forward with a greater understanding of the forces that shaped and forever changed multiple generations of First Nations people.” The purpose is to both create a memorial to those who went through the experience, to honor them and to help many of the survivors with their journey of healing. The museum plays an integral role in conveying the legacy of the Residential School era through its displays, pictures, artifacts, and stories of an once government sponsored and church run residential school system imposed on Indigenous peoples. Their assimilation efforts focused on destroying their identities, cultures, languages. The Museum also showcases the Indigenous history, the vibrant culture, stories, languages through exhibits, artifacts, pictures and displays. It is looking back where we came from, the present and where we are going. It is preserving knowledge, wisdom, and experiences of the past. It is moving ahead in our healing journeys from the traumas we endured. It is also a place to showcase our culture, our unique dance regalia. Even the small arrowhead speaks volumes of how we survived on the land. It is a place where history and culture meet for all nations. Museums serve a purpose in our communities.