Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Assiniboine Park Zoo This Summer

Posted June 26, 2024 | Author Breanne Sewards

What happens when you combine captivating creatures, behind-the-scenes experiences, larger-than-life exhibits and stops for tasty treats along the way? It's your family's mission to find out!

When your heart needs magic, Canada's Heart is Calling.

This summer, discover why the Assiniboine Park Zoo is one of the top destinations for families. Let's get into five reasons to plan your next visit!

1. Your Kids Will Remember it Forever

...and not only your kids. You will too! Assiniboine Park Zoo is one of the best family-friendly attractions in the province, offering not only animal experiences but also lasting memories and all the fun that summer is made of.

Your next best day ever at the Zoo includes...

Food and Treats

The Tundra Grill is the go-to spot for quick meals with options that everyone can appreciate - think chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, rice bowls and even adult beverages. Enjoy a sip or two while your kids have fun at the Polar Playground. And as snacks are an important piece in any family outing, you can also find food stands throughout the Zoo, like a hotdog cart, Hawaiian shaved ice stand, an ice cream shop and the Bison Snack Shack!

A New Fascination With Animals

This goes without saying! The animal exhibits leave a lasting impression and a new (or a renewed) fascination with the natural world. Aunt Sally's Farm is always a hit. You'll see friendly farm animals like miniature donkeys and llamas - the gentle creatures that kids love! The exhibit is full of whimsy and charm, with parallel playgrounds, bridges with rainbow platforms where goats climb overhead and a wishing well from the original 1950s attraction.

Over at the McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre, marvel at impressive draft horses and learn about these giants' role in farming history. Or, to see species native to North America, visit the Grasslands & Boreal Forest exhibit and spot bison, bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain goats and burrowing owls. These are only a few of the animal exhibits you'll find at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

2. You'll See a Northern Exhibit Like No Other

Did you know that the Assiniboine Park Zoo has one of the most comprehensive northern species exhibit of its kind in the world? This includes polar bears, a muskoxen, an Arctic fox and more, which come together to provide a rare glimpse of wildlife of the north.

The Journey to Churchill exhibit will transport you to the landscapes of the Wapusk Lowlands and the frontier town of Churchill. It's also where you'll find Gateway to the Arctic. Walk through the mesmerizing underwater tunnel and take time to watch the polar bears and seals swim overhead. You will laugh, smile and say 'awww' as polar bears play, jump into the water and stand on the glass above with their large paws.

4. You Can Go Behind the Scenes

Get to know the animals at the Zoo from the animal care professionals who know them best! Join a Zoo Chat and get insights into the Zoo's operations and animal care. Zoo Chats are on daily until September 2, with various animals like Amur tigers, harbour seals, parrots and white-handed gibbons taking the spotlight.

For something even more unique, Behind the Scenes Experiences invites you to explore areas of the Zoo not typically accessible to the public. Get an exclusive look at animal care practices, feeding routines and the specialized habitats designed to meet the needs of the Zoo’s diverse species. Choose between going behind the scenes with tigers, snow leopards or become an honorary trainer with harbour seals and polar bears.

5. There Are Larger than Life Summer Exhibits

...and exhibits where the small show off their mighty strength! Here are two special exhibits happening this summer 2024 at Assiniboine Park Zoo:

Xtreme Bugs

On until September 8, Xtreme BUGS is an exciting (and sometimes creepy crawly) exhibit featuring 19 giant animatronic insects along a forested trail. See the world from a bug's perspective with an up-close look at their fascinating characteristics. Learn about the science behind insect appearance, behaviour, and their crucial role in ecosystems. If you dare - see replicas like the Peruvian giant centipede, atlas moth, Japanese giant hornet and more.

Defenses of the Animal Kingdom

Claws, teeth, venom and poison. These are just few strategies to learn about at the Defenses of the Animal Kingdom exhibit! Highlighted species include the Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth, Taiwan beauty snake, musk turtle and salmon pink birdeater tarantula. The exhibit is featured in daily Zoo Chats happening throughout the summer season.

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