6 wonders of Manitoba's north

Posted June 14, 2022 | Author Breanne Sewards

In all its incredible vastness, northern Manitoba is home to some of the most remarkable landmarks and landscapes in the province.

Start exploring this untapped region with our picks for the six wonders of the north! Some are easier to visit than others, but doesn't that make it all the more exciting?

1 - Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site

When the bay thaws and summer brings its beauty to the northernly port of Churchill, the amazing Prince of Wales Fort becomes accessible only by boat. Luckily, tours are available through July and August with operators Sea North Tours and Lazy Bear Expeditions. The guided tours bring savvy explorers to the historic site, where they can walk through purple fireweed toward the stone ruins of the early 18th century Hudson's Bay Company fur trading fortress.

2 - Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

While it's hard to choose just one of the north's amazing lakes, we have to give the spot to Clearwater Lake Provincial Park for its crystal clear, blue waters and gorgeous scenery. Take in the colours of the lake from atop The Caves hike, where you'll also get the chance to explore some limestone crevices.

3 - York Factory National Historic Site

If you are truly an explorer of all things rare and unusual, you won't hesitate to embark on a great adventure down the Nelson River to the historic York Factory. A trip with Nelson River Adventures combines history and outdoor exploration, bringing those with an adventurous heart to a place where few dare to go. York Factory was a settlement and trading post for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and while it operated since the 18th century, it was not official headquarters until 1821. At its height of production, York Factory was trading 40,000 made-beaver (a form of currency) per year.

4 - Northern Lights

One of the world's great natural wonders can be experienced right here in Manitoba. Surprise, surprise, the north is the best region of the province to witness the magnificent northern lights. Head to hubs like Flin Flon, Thompson or The Pas during February and March to see the northern lights on a DIY trip, or venture even further north to see the lights in Churchill on a tour or on your own accord.

5 - Pisew Falls Provincial Park / Kwasitchewan Falls

As part of Manitoba's unofficial waterfall alley, Pisew Falls Provincial Park is a must-see on any visit to the north. Located 50 minutes south of Thompson, Pisew Falls can be taken in from the vantage point of two boardwalks that overlook the falls. If you prefer something more challenging, embark from Pisew Falls Provincial Park on a multi-day, 30 km round trip hike to the powerful Kwasitchewan Falls.

6 - Churchill River Estuary / Hudson Bay

While the shorelines of the Churchill River Estuary and Hudson Bay are always a sight to behold, the timing of your visit will determine what type of wonders you will see. In the summer months, see thousands of beluga whales gathering to birth and feed, while polar bears sleep and laze on the rocks. In the fall, witness polar bears gather in huge numbers to wait for the bay to freeze over so they can begin their winter seal hunt.

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