6 fantastic roadside attractions within an hour from Winnipeg

Posted June 18, 2020 | Author Breanne Sewards

Take this year as a chance to explore your own backyard and province. This family friendly, mini day trip takes you just an hour from Winnipeg to a collection of fun roadside attractions - see if you can find them all!

Grunthal: Bison

If your style is to visit the farthest attraction first, start with the bison statue in Grunthal. Although the bison is a tried and true symbol of Manitoba, the statue was specifically erected in 1995 to celebrate the tourism that was brought to the area by the Cottonwood Corner Game Farm, which was a bison and elk farm once open to the public.

Sanford: Grain Elevator

Sanford's roadside attraction is a mini-version of the Manitoba pool grain elevator that once stood in town. The original grain elevator was built in 1949 but demolished in 2019 after its wooden annex deteriorated.

La Broquerie: Brissette

This town icon was built in 1983 to represent La Broquerie's position as the largest milk producing centre of Manitoba. Standing at 12 feet long and 6 feet high, Brissette is somewhat of a local celebrity and recently had a road named after her.

Tache: Centre of Canada

Travel along highway 1 to find the longitudinal centre of Canada, a landmark based on the distance from the farthest islands on either side of the country. The attraction features a huge sign (perfect for photo-ops) and a small park with Canadian flag landscaping.

St. Francois Xavier: The White Horse

There's more than meets the eye to The White Horse in St. Francois Xavier. The horse was created by Winnipeg sculptor George Barone to honour the Indigenous legend of the White Horse Plain -- which tells the tragic story of a Cree chief and his Assiniboine bride.

Steinbach: Rolls Royce

The giant 1931 Rolls Royce replica on highway 12 is a visual representation of Steinbach's automobile industry. The city's first automobile dealership was established in 1914 and Steinbach has marketed itself as the "Automobile City" ever since.

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