28 spectacular fall photos

Posted October 01, 2015 | Author Travel Manitoba

It’s not hard to fall for Fall. Not hard at all. She’s a right honest beauty all dressed up and strutting around the province in her fancy colours. But, unfortunately, fall doesn’t stick around forever in these parts, so make the most of her loveliness while you can.

The leaves are starting to turn.

Our land is covered in warm, golden hues.

We’ve got gourds galore.

And the fields are all harvested up.

🍁🍂🍃 Hurray for fall! 🍃🍂🍁

It’s time to gasp in awe from high above,

Or down below.

Autumn is when our misty mornings start off crisp.

Which then gives rise to the perfect conditions for a peaceful run. Or a dreamy cycle among the trees.

Wild horses couldn’t drag us inside.

Not when our outside looks like this.

The fish are still biting.

Fog occasionally pays us a visit.

Our boreal forest will enchant you.

A trek among the prairie grasses will enthrall you.

The calmness of lake life will entice you.

And our skies will continue to amaze you.

Even the tundra burns with colour.

Seriously, did you have any idea the north looked like this in fall?

It’s where a wily red fox can blend in with the background. Finally!

While the polar bear has nowhere to hide. We see you there, buddy.

The birds take flight.

The bison roam. As they do.

And the lord of the north gets amped up for a winter feasting.

The harvest is plentiful.

Our restaurants serve up warm, comfort food. And the pumpkins are self-serve.

Now is the best time to gather and give thanks.

So thank you for stopping by. If we’ve left you with a grumbling tummy, here are the best places to eat this fall.

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