10 Manitoba sweet spots

Posted May 06, 2015 | Author Breanne Sewards

Those who visit Manitoba need never worry about how to satiate a persistent sweet tooth. In a place so rich in culture and heritage, it is no surprise that the local cuisine is a direct reflection of the mosaic of people living here. In Manitoba, we serve up a thick slice of our history, in cake, torte and pastry form. Whether drawing inspiration from Japan, France, or simply from a serious doughnut craving, you can count on these ten sweet spots to be every bit decadent.

1. Chocolate Zen Bakery

553 Osborne Street, Winnipeg

If there was such a thing as dessert feng shui, Chocolate Zen Bakery would be in perfect harmony…with the exception of an unusually bad omen parked out back. Sitting directly behind their quaint, European-inspired building, a funeral hearse bears the words, “Desserts to Die For”. The message is loud and clear: Chocolate Zen Bakery does not mess around when it comes to the art of dessert, and they also have a killer sense of humor. Their signature Chocolate Zen Cake, with rich lawyers of chocolate sponge cake and mousse, is a must-try for any first timers . While you likely will not die from chocolate overdose, do expect a long lasting choco-coma to set in directly after consumption.

2. Tokyo Rabbit

Various Locations, Manitoba

Tokyo Rabbit gives literal meaning to “culture on every corner”. The Japanese food truck travels around Manitoba during the summer months, serving up unique sweets to whoever stumbles upon it. Specializing in authentic Japanese crepes, cakes and custard tarts, the owners of Tokyo Rabbit are dedicated to bringing new flavours to the province, traveling back and forth to Japan for new recipes and inspiration. The bright red trailer is easy to spot on a sunny day on Broadway and often ventures outside the city limits to locations such as Rosenort, Ste. Anne and Morden.

3. Gypsy’s Bakery and Restaurant

253 Kelsey Boulevard, Churchill

Donuts and tarts and bears, oh my! If you find yourself in Churchill, Manitoba, you will not want to skip Gypsy’s Bakery and Restaurant, loved by visitors and locals alike. The family owned and operated bakery is more oft than not considered the main meeting spot in Churchill and serves up an extensive list of freshly baked goods and breads. Legend says that even the local polar bears crave Gypsy’s succulent danishes, but we wouldn’t recommend putting that to the test.

4. Slice of Life Bakery

290 Main Street, Niverville

Take a trip south of Winnipeg to Niverville, one of the fastest growing communities in Manitoba, to experience a unique Slice of Life. Adored by the locals, the Slice of Life Bakery is known for its cute, homey decor and delicious fare. Fresh cookies, cheesecake and pie are just a few of the sweet offerings at Slice of Life Bakery, and with patio seating, patrons of the bakery can sip their coffee and munch on a sticky cinnamon bun while soaking in the summer sun. Sounds good to us!

5. McLeod House Tea Room

292 Main Street, Stonewall

Rich in history and in flavour, the McLeod House Tea Room serves as a meeting point for the people of Stonewall. The house celebrates the McLeod family, who built and resided in the home in the early 1900’s. Their only son, Alan McLeod, is a WW1 Victoria Cross recipient. The heritage and charm of the tea room is only amplified by always changing and scrumptious dessert selections. For an experience fit for a queen, try attending High Tea where you will have dainties, tea and sandwiches served to you on a three tier china set. Don’t forget your fascinator!

6. Cocoabeans Bakeshop

268 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg

Known for their soft breads and chocolate walnut torte, Cocoabeans Bakeshop is a fan favourite. Located in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, the bakeshop boasts a gluten-free menu without compromising taste. In fact, if they did not disclose that they were indeed gluten-free, we doubt many people would be able to notice a difference. As an added bonus, if you suddenly find yourself in Northern Manitoba with a craving for Cocoabeans baking goods, simply place an order. The bakeshop delivers to anywhere that a Greyhound bus can go.

7. Whitehouse Bakery

104 Buffalo Drive, Wasagaming

Would a family trip to Wasagaming be complete without a cinnamon bun from Whitehouse Bakery? We think not. The Whitehouse Bakery and Restaurant opened for the season on May 2, which means now is as good a time as any to head down for some scrumptious sweets. Rest assure that your hike, canoe, or cycling trip in Riding Mountain National Park will likely end in you devouring their famous baked goods. We can think of nothing better than to wake up after a night under the stars to the smell of fresh baking.

8. Falcon Lake Bakery Bistro

Park Road, Falcon Lake

With a charming, rustic atmosphere, Falcon Lake Bakery‘s philosophy is to be much more than a bakery. Falcon Lake Bakery offers up an experience where visitors can sit outside beneath a wooden pergoda with the scent of the surrounding spruce and pine trees delighting the senses. It is an enchanting, authentic experience and since its opening, has become a favourite in the Whiteshell. Baking a wide variety of pastries and pies seems like an after thought, yet their baked goods are no less delightful than the welcoming ambiance. It is a place for those who can’t get enough of the lake life.

9. A L’Epi de Ble

1757 Main Street, Winnipeg

Instagram lovers rejoice: Here, you will find macarons that are practically begging to be photographed. And, it doesn’t hurt that they are also delicious and made with high quality ingredients. Located in the North End of Winnipeg, A L’Epi de Ble specializes in french baking. For marks in authenticity, A L’Epi de Ble comes out on top. With staff speaking enthusiastically in French and the wide selection of appetizing french desserts, you might just think you have gotten lost and ended up in a little bakery in France.

10. Bronuts

100 King Street, Winnipeg

What do you get when you combine two brothers and a passion for doughnuts? Bronuts. Located in an ideal Exchange District location, Bronuts has had an amazing reception, selling out every day since opening their doors. With new and exciting flavours to try each day such as nutella and peanut butter, Bronuts just may be the next big thing for doughnut lovers in Manitoba. Oh, and they also serve coffee for all of your dunking-needs.

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