One of our wonderfully witty blog readers, Todd Scottposted this brilliant comment and it’s too darn good to leave behind on some random comments page…

Hi Travel Manitoba, After reading your meet cute article and the The Bachelor home town meeting I was laughing and thinking of all the post breakup spots that Manitoba has. I hope you like it.

A few things are inevitable in the world. Taxes, death and the preferred resting state of the universe is that I’m painfully single. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try and change this. Unfortunately the universe is very good at maintaining the status quo. So after a bad blind date or end of a relationship, I’m always happy to know that Manitoba will always love me and help to heal my broken heart. I know “Toby” has my back.


Stella's Cafe and Bakery

The site of MANY horrible first dates. That isn’t Stella’s fault and in fact her food and atmosphere makes a painfully awkward situation quite palatable. Mexican breakfast is my go to and guacamole can fix any heartache. Maybe the universe is telling me I should start dating exclusively women named Stella?!

The Forks River Walk

Fall at the Forks
The walk of shame?! No, the walk of reflection to figure out what went wrong this time on the date. Talking about how I think my cat is telepathic and was very judgmental in my choice of sweat pants for this date, may not have been the best choice.

After she received an emergency phone call about her grandmother being abducted by aliens. I have time to wander along the river and have a moment of tranquility in the heart of the city. Listening to the wind rustling the leaves and watching the light bounce off the water, I feel centered and ready to see what flows into my life next. Probably mini-donuts… I can grab a bag at The Forks before I get back to my car.

Henderson Highway and Half Moon


Speaking about my car, driving out Henderson Hwy following the river is another way to find the path to my inner bliss, while having access in a climate controlled environment with kick ass tunes to get my groove on. It would be even better in a convertible. Apparently my last date had that same idea and her new boyfriend just passed me in his shiny new sports car.

Luckily the Half Moon has my back and a hot dog, fries and large milkshake can fix almost any problems. Plus being in Lockport, I can try my hand at real fishing instead of on Plenty of Fish.

Brandon Hills


My ex-girlfriends were constantly telling me that our relationship were getting flat and soon leave for Calgary where there’s apparently more ups and downs. But hiking the Brandon Hills, gives me a new perspective on the situation and see the patchwork of colour and a meandering path that flows through it all… There is nothing wrong with flat. I don’t hear people complaining about having a flat stomach. In this case it is clearly “her” and not me that is the problem.

Osborne Village and Baked Expectations


Post breakup what are my expectations?! Cake, definitely cake! Add in a big scoop of people watching out the window and I can see my options and know there is always another day and another date. How could life be anything but awesome with a big slice of Tia Maria Torte! It is a cake made of cookies with held together with copious amounts of whip cream and doused with a coffee liquor. The advantage of being single is I don’t have to share a single crumb with nobody!

In any case, whatever the universe throws at me, I know Manitoba will have my back. Thanks Toby!