10 takeout restaurants to try this weekend in Winnipeg

Posted March 25, 2020 | Author Breanne Sewards

While we all stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there is some good news for those who lack in the cooking department. Experts say there is little risk involved when ordering delivery from your favourite restaurants. To practice utmost caution, opt for contactless delivery, remove food from its packaging, discard packaging, sanitize surfaces that the packaging touched, and finally wash your hands for a good 20 seconds. Then...dig in! Here are 10 of our staff's top picks for ordering delivery in Winnipeg.

For a more extensive list of restaurants open for delivery, visit PegCityGrub.

1 - Wall Street Slice

Submitted by: Mark, Senior Graphic Designer

We don't know about you, but nothing cheers us up quite like a pizza party. And according to our Senior Graphic Designer Mark, Wall Street Slice is one of the best spots in the city for a pizza fix. Try the Whiteout pizza or Mark's personal favourite: the Toba Tiki. Mark also left some strict instructions to order the garlic rolls no matter what.

2 - Kawaii Crepe

Submitted by: Kit, Content Specialist

While you won't be able to enjoy its cheer interior just yet, Kawaii Crepe is available for delivery! Kit has your order all sorted out: get the Pump up the Yam crepe for your main dish, followed by the Fruitella for dessert with added bananas and strawberries!

3 - SingYun Restaurant

Submitted by: Joey, Visual Content Specialist

"They have the best chow mein in the game." ~ Joey, March 2020.

We all have our favourite Chinese food eateries - but why not branch out a little bit? Joey recommends SingYun Restaurant's Cantonese Chow Mein, and the Black Bean Garlic Pork.

4 - Wako Sushi

Submitted by: Breanne, Editorial Content Specialist

Is Wako Sushi Winnipeg's best kept secret? It's one of those places that you don't necessarily want to tell the whole world about, because you want it all to yourself. But here we are. Wako Sushi has some of the best, low-priced sushi that the city has to offer. Highly recommend classics like the tuna bakuden, pork gyoza and black tiger shrimp rolls.

5 - Yard Burger

Submitted by: Tamara, Media Specialist

Didn't have a chance to visit Hargrave St. Market before quarantine? You can still order from the vendors! Tamara recommends the 314 Burger from Yard Burger, if you need a little bit of fried chicken in your life.

6 - Clay Oven

Submitted by: Nisha, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Not only is Indian food delicious, it's also very good for sharing with the non-isolated members of your household. Nisha recommends Clay Oven's Malai Kofta and Garlic Naan.

7 - Eadha Bread

Submitted by: Alex, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

What? Bakery takeout? Eadha Bread has done an amazing job with making their delicious sourdough breads ready for delivery. Right now, Eadha is offering up cinnamon buns, pizza twists, loaves of bread and more.

8 - Pineridge Hollow

Submitted by: Elise, Business Development Specialist

When it comes to creativity and innovation - we have to give 10's across the board to Pineridge Hollow. The restaurant is offering both menu and grocery options, with delivery to areas like Oakbank, Bird's Hill, Dugald, Lockport, Selkirk, and several areas within Winnipeg! They've also put together a little BBQ experience package that will bring some fun to your household - with games, locally made smokies and chili!

9 - Les Saj

Submitted by: Carly, Marketing and Media Assistant

Middle Eastern food is always a good idea, but even more so when you have several dietary restrictions to accommodate. Vegetarians will love Les Saj's falafel platter, which comes with rice or fries, a side salad, mixed pickles, hummus, garlic sauce and freshly baked saj bread.

10 - Niakwa Pizza

Submitted by: Lindsay, Partnership & Visitor Experiences Coordinator

What - two pizza places on one list? We all know pizza is the classic go-to when it comes to ordering takeout, so we had to include Niakwa Pizza. Lindsay recommends the ham and feta pizza - and honestly, we don't need much convincing.

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