Step into a life on the prairies of old and see how Aboriginals, Metis, Voyageurs and pioneers lived side by side with the bison on FortWhyte Alive's eco tour, A Prairie Legacy: The Bison and its People.

Venture through the aspen forest onto the open prairie, where you will experience your first close-up encounter with 30 grunting, munching bison. Test your skills as you power a mighty Voyageur canoe around the lake, or hear the crunching of the snow under historic footwear, the snowshoe.

Explore a Plains Cree Tipi and marvel at the design and functionality – cool in summer and warm in winter, offering a respite from the prairie winds. Step inside a one-room pioneer sod house and savour wild bush tea and bannock over a campfire.

-- A Canadian Tourism Commission Signature Experience --

July to August, 2014
FortWhyte Alive, Winnipeg

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