Jack and the Giant Beanstalk at Manitoba Theatre for Young People Have the kids spend an hour enjoying the classic fairy tale Jack and the Giant Beanstalk at Manitoba Theatre for Young People! This new spin on the much-loved story finds Jack, a farmer’s son, surrounded by land that just won’t grow anything. “The dirt’s dead” says his father, who sells off everything they own, little by little, to buy food so they can eat. When Jack finally has to sell his toys for food, he trades them instead for magic beans, which takes him on an amazing journey of excitement and peril. Jack climbs the giant stalk from which the magic beans grow and reaches a green and fertile land in the sky. There, Jack discovers the source of the trouble with his farmland and learns how to make it fertile again. “Jack and the Giant Beanstalk is a worthwhile hour that’s sure to instruct the youngest of theatergoers.” Now Magazine October 3 to 12, 2013 Manitoba Theatre for Young People, The Forks For more information and to find tickets, visit Manitoba Theatre for Young People.