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President and CEO's Office

Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson

President and CEO
Ph: 204-927-7810
EQ Type: I am a Cultural History Buff because I like to explore all there is and experience it firsthand. Up next for my travels... more interesting places and people throughout Manitoba.

Carol Jarvie Feb 2015
Carol Jarvie

Executive Assistant
Ph: 204-927-7836
EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer. When I travel I like to stroll through small towns and villages and sample the unique cultural offerings.

Strategy and Market Development

Brigitte Sandron
Brigitte Sandron

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Market Development
Ph: 204-927-7817
EQ Type: I am a Free Spirit because I love travelling with others experiencing new and exciting things together.

Travel Trade

Dené Sinclair 2014
Dené Sinclair

Manager, Global Travel Trade Relations
Ph: 204-927-7862
EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer because I love learning about places even when not travelling and am always researching my next trip! I love unexpected gems and local secrets, my favourite travelling moments are rarely the things you read about in the brochure. The way to my travelling heart is definitely through my stomach!

Cindy Perret 2014
Cindy Perrett

Travel Trade Assistant
Ph: 204-927-7860
EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer because when I travel I love having the freedom to stop in the moment and take in the amazing scenery or blend in with the locals at a market or festival.

Market Intelligence & Industry Relations

Rick Gaunt
Rick Gaunt

Senior Manager, Market Intelligence & Industry Relations
Ph: 204-927-7815
EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I love to try cool new experiences just for the pleasure of exploration and novelty - and I'm very good at "worry about it when I get home"!

Yan Cong
Yan Cong

Research Analyst
Ph: 204-927-7826
EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer because I want to be fully immersed in a travel experience to satisfy my curiosity. I also want to be spontaneous when I travel. Group tours are just not my thing.

Ryan Schultz
Ryan Schultz

Information Services Coordinator
Ph: 204-927-7861
EQ Type: I am a No Hassle Traveller because I prefer to explore the destination at my own pace without having a limiting itinerary.

Partnership, Meetings & Conventions and Fish-Hunt Programs

Lilian Tankard

Senior Manager, Partnership Programs
Ph: 204-927-7821
EQ Type: I'm a Cultural Explorer - I love to travel but when I do I embrace, discover and immerse myself in the culture, people and settings of the places I visit. I don't stay at chain hotels or eat in restaurants I can find at home. Seeing nature and being outdoors is my passion and motorcycles are my transportation of choice.

Michel LaRivière
Michel LaRivière

Coordinator, Partnership Programs
Ph: 204-927-7837
EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I love to travel, live for adventure and while on a trip, I want to see and experience everything on my bucket list.

Lindsay Egan
Lindsay Egan (mat leave)

Partnership Specialist
Ph: 204-927-7835
EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I like to create the path, not follow it. I don't travel by the guide books, I want to explore the behind the scenes and indulge in those one-of-a-kind experiences.

Tricia Woikin

Partnership Specialist
Ph: 204-927-7835

Marketing and Communications

Linda Whitfield

Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Ph: 204-927-7825
EQ Type: As an Authentic Experiencer, my travels often involve some sort of personal physical challenge, along with taking in the sights and sounds of the destination. I'm independent and will often travel solo. I like to make my own plans and have flexibility to change them at will. Group tours and all-inclusive resorts are definitely not for me.

Media Relations

Cathy Senecal
Cathy Senecal

Manager, Global Media Relations
Ph: 204-927-7827
EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer because I have travelled on all seven (or six if you're a purist) continents and I prefer to forge my own path to special experiences aligned with my and my travelling companions' interests.

Jillian Recksiedler
Jillian Recksiedler

Communications Specialist
Ph: 204-927-7832
EQ Type: I am a Cultural Explorer because when I travel to a new destination, the first thing I do is hit the streets walking to gain a local's perspective. You'll find me eating at that 'mom & pop' restaurant off the strip, weaving my way through a market or resting my feet at a B&B.

Julia Adams
Julia Adams

Media Relations & Travel Trade Specialist
Ph: 204-927-7808
EQ Type: I am a Free Spirit because I like to meet locals and see how they live, be spontaneous and do things that other travellers would not do.

Production Services

Stephanie Bachewich
Stephanie Kowalchuk

Production Manager
Ph: 204-927-7857
EQ Type: I'm an Authentic Experiencer because I like to do new and different things while exploring all aspects of the places I visit.

Leigh Ens
Leigh Ens

Production & Design Coordinator
Ph: 204-927-7864
EQ Type: I am a Free Spirit because I love to travel to fun and exotic places, stay in luxury resorts and make new friends while on vacation.

Eric AdmiraalEric Admiraal

Production & Design Coordinator
Ph: 204-927-7830
EQ Type: I am a Gentle Explorer.

Digital Marketing

Doug Evans
Douglas Evans

Digital Operations Marketing Manager 
Ph: 204-927-7823
EQ Type: I'm an Authentic Experiencer because I like to do my own thing, go off the beaten track. I'm not afraid to try anything new.

Kirsten Neil
Kirsten Neil

Social Media Specialist 
Ph: 204-927-7829
EQ Type: As an Authentic Experiencer I want to immerse myself in different cultures and discover as much as I can about a place so that when I leave I feel like I've had a unique experience that will stay with me for life.

Corporate Communications

Alexis McEwen
Alexis McEwen

Communications Coordinator
Ph: 204-927-7867
EQ Type: I'm a No Hassle Traveller - I want all the big pieces of the puzzle in place so that when I arrive, my family and I are free to discover our destination at our own pace.

Tamara SorokaTamara Soroka

Communications Coordinator
Ph: 204-927-7867
EQ Type: I'm a Cultural Explorer.

Corporate Services

Rebecca McKie
Rebecca McKie

Director, Corporate Services
Ph: 204-927-7812
EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I love to escape from everyday life by travelling to new destinations and experiencing the best they have to offer.

Diane Bobbitt
Diane Bobbitt

Finance Coordinator
Ph: 204-927-7813
EQ Type: I am a Gentle Explorer because I want to come back from vacation feeling relaxed and refreshed - "travel should be fun, not extra work".

A.J. Kelly
A.J. Kelly

Administrative Assistant
Ph: 204-927-7830
EQ Type: I am a Cultural Explorer because I enjoy meeting the local people, finding out from them what to see, where to eat, what is special about their place!

Visitor Services

Lori Schmitt
Lori Schmitt

Manager, Visitor Services - The Forks
Ph: 204-927-7845
EQ Type: I am a No Hassle Traveller, I like to travel with family and friends, and while on holidays I like to relax and enjoy new experiences with my family.

Lyall Wilson
Lyall Wilson

Distribution Supervisor - Warehouse
Ph: 204-927-7822
EQ Type: I am a Free Spirit because when I travel I like to do my own thing and see and do as much as I can.

Karla Pratt
Karla Pratt

Travel Cousellor - The Forks
Ph: 204-927-7849
EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit - I like to get a little taste of everything, stay at more luxurious places and see where the day takes me on my explorations.

Geneviève Bourrier
Geneviève Bourrier

Travel Cousellor - The Forks
Ph: 204-927-7849
EQ Type: I am an Free Spirit, something of a thrill-seeker; travel satisfies my need for the exciting and exotic. I want to be with others who feel the same way. It all adds up to fun!

Lori Klan
Lori Klan

Travel Counsellor - Emerson
Ph: 204-373-2822
EQ Type: I am a Rejuvenator because I like to get away from the overly-hectic schedule of everyday life, relax and spend time with family and friends.

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7th floor, 155 Carlton St
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