Why your next family vacation should be at Elkhorn Resort in Riding Mountain National Park

Posted March 27, 2018 | Author Breanne Sewards

Do you love spending the day vegging out on the couch, binging on a Netflix series while every member of the family is in their separate living quarters? Yeah, well, we all do.

But as comfortable as those days are, they aren’t days that you or your family will look back on with fond memories. You probably won’t remember them at all. So can we offer an alternative? This summer, vanquish the mundanity of the normal day-to-day with a family fun trip to Elkhorn Resort in Riding Mountain National Park.

You can put the time in to make precious family memories

How many of your family memories take place in summer? If you’re like me: most of them. Family time is what summer is made of. On a family vacation to Elkhorn Resort, you can spend the day getting ice cream in Wasagaming (only a 15 minute walk from the resort), or try out your swing at the family-friendly 9-hole Elkhorn Family Golf Centre. The options are endless; with countless hiking trails, a gorgeous lake to swim and plenty of s’more-making opportunity. Don’t worry, if you still need a few hours to yourself, check in to the Solstice Spa for some you-time.

You will give your kids the gift of nature

Kids these days are always on their phones and tablets, watching YouTube videos and sending Snapchats. Do I sound old yet? When I was younger, it was MSN and Neopets. Regardless of which platform is on trend, it’s more important now than ever to show your family the beauty of the natural world. Release your family from the clutches of technology to spend the day getting active in the outdoors. Kayak and canoe rentals allow ease of exploration of the stunning (and shimmering) Clear Lake, and really allows for a connection with the outdoor world. A day of active fun naturally lends way to quite the appetite – which is easy to satiate at the delicious Buffalo Bar (with plenty of kid-friendly options) or the sophisticated 10 Steakhouse.

There won’t be a hint of boredom

Sick of hearing “I’m bored” all summer long? It’s quite possibly the worst two words a parent can hear; considering the whinging that often comes next. But good news – Riding Mountain National Park may just be the cure your family needs. Kids (and adults too) will love the drive out to the Lake Audy bison enclosure where a herd of approximately 30 bison often block the road and walk curiously up to the cars that pass through the area.

Your kids will make a splash (rather than a mess)

As nice as it is to have your kids home for the summer, it also means a whole lot of trying to make the house look like it hasn’t exploded. At Elkhorn Resort, the only making that will happen will be making a splash at the insanely awesome (and newly renovated) pool. Parents can keep a watchful eye while relaxing in the various seat areas nearby or while soaking in the hot tub. The pool (a real kid pleaser) is complete with splashing buckets, wood-looking lily pads and of course, a waterslide. A games room next to the pool has a pool table and a foosball table, for when skin has begun to raisin and a break is in order.

You can learn to decompress and enjoy the scenery

If you tear yourself away from the norm of Netflix, Facebook and whatever else keeps you scrolling on your phone, you should also prepare yourself for a serious refreshing weekend. Who needs television and movies when you have nature’s show on at all times – none so stunning as the fiery sunsets that cast radiant colour over the park.

What are you waiting for? Book your guest room or chalet and start counting down the days until your family vacay at Elkhorn Resort!

Sponsored by Elkhorn Resort.

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