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More Churchill Experiences

When To Go

June - November

In between coming face-to-face with polar bears, watching beluga whales dance in the bay or marveling at the beauty of the northern lights, Churchill offers other activities to connect you to Canada's North.

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Dog Sledding/Carting

Feel the exhilaration of flying through the boreal forest on a dogsledding adventure you’ll never forget. Snuggle under a blanket for the ride or grab the reins, either way the energy of a team of friendly dogs is contagious.

All dogsled experiences include an opportunity to learn about the cultural and historical importance of dogsledding. From fur traders to mail carriers, the dogsled was the most convenient way to travel across the snow. Dogsledding represents an authentic northern experience. You’ll get the chance to learn how the mushers care and raise their kennels and you will even be able to interact with some of the dogs, who each have a distinct personality.

In the summer months, the dogsled is replaced by a cart on wheels. See the landscape bursting with the colour of thousands of blooming wildflowers.

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Churchill River Mushing

Dog sledding at replica trappers camp and northern culture in Churchill. We offer a true northern dog sled experience with our 'Ididamile' tours offered every year round to Churchill tourists.

Wildlife and Birding in Churchill

The Churchill area is a world-renowned hotspot for birding. In spring and fall, avid birders flock here to see the 250+ species of birds that nest or pass through Churchill on their annual migrations.

Tundra and taiga provide habitat for native birds, including a large variety of hawks and falcons like the gyrfalcon and peregrine falcon. Snowy owls are common, as are tundra swans, terns and gulls. Birders search for harlequin ducks and the rare Ross’s gull for the potential sighting of a lifetime.

Other wildlife that you can see in Churchill include Arctic hare and ptarmigan – both snowy white in the winter and grey-brown in summer. Artic fox is another animal whose coat changes depending on the season. The red fox, as well as its cousin the cross fox, can also be seen in Churchill. Keep an eye open for the siksik, a ground squirrel that lives in the rocky landscape of the north. Other possible animal sightings on the tundra include wolverine, moose, caribou and wolves.

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A la Carte Tours

Pre-packaged tours to Churchill will include activities and visits to Churchill’s top sites built into the itinerary. If you’re doing a DIY trip to Churchill, there are a variety of other tours to choose from to expand your northern experience. Please remember to be polar bear safe – this means exploring with an experienced guide.

Helicopter Tours

Get a bird’s eye view of the landscape and the wildlife that call this place home from a helicopter tour. These customized 60- and 90-minute tours are adapted to the animals’ migration patterns. During the fall, helicopter tours are a great way to cover a lot of distance for watching polar bears. In the summer, an aerial vantage point showcases the huge number of beluga whales in Hudson Bay and the Churchill River estuary.


Hudson Bay Helicopters

Dog sledding at replica trappers camp and northern culture in Churchill. We offer a true northern dog sled experience with our 'Ididamile' tours offered every year round to Churchill tourists.

Churchill Town Tours

Churchill is a unique town, built in a unique place. Learn about the places and people that make this place special on a half or full day tour. Depending on the operator, these tours may take place on a small bus or in passenger vehicle.

Hiking Tours

Join a group for a short hike out to the MV Ithaca shipwreck. Only accessible at low tide, the ship rests on the seabed 19 km (12 miles) east of Churchill. Another hiking tour option is a guided hike from Sloop Cove. This 4 km (2.5 mile) hike will take you from the HBC’s winter harbour of Sloop Cove to the Prince of Wales Fort. While the scenery – with blooming wildflowers scattered across the tundra – is stunning, history buffs will delight at the sight of 18th century graffiti etched into some of the earth’s oldest bedrock.