8 java joints you should give a shot

Posted January 15, 2019 | Author Reba Lewis

Manitoba’s coffee scene has never been better. On just about every other corner, you’ll find a coffee spot that’s hip and happening. Some you’ve heard of, others you’ve tried, and still there are a few waiting in the wings for the coffee connoisseurs’ stamp of approval. Luckily, Manitoba is the next best thing to paradise when it comes to good coffee. For the coffee lovers who not only know good coffee when they taste it, but are quite particular about the joe that crosses their lips, here are 8 java joints that we suggest you give a shot.

Flatland may serve some very good coffee, but this coffeehouse is more concerned with the roasting process and that could be the reason why they serve such good coffee. Among their coffee options, the Rogue Wave Espresso is the pride and joy of this establishment with a taste that will appeal to coffee lovers who enjoy a full-bodied sweetness to their cup of joe.

Farmhouse 50, Minnedosa

With its country-chic layout and modern flair, that’s what will hit you the moment you walk through the door of Farmhouse 50, next will be the aromas of fragrant coffee and baked goodies. If you’re ever in the vicinity of this Minnedosa delight, be sure to stop by and take a sip of any of their options, hot or cold. If you’re looking for something unique, add some coconut and caramel to your macchiato.

Whitecap Coffee, Winkler

From the excellent service, to the baked goods, to the delicious coffee, customers rave on and on about Whitecap in Winkler. If you’re one of those go-with-the-flow coffee drinkers who isn’t too selective about the kind or flavour of coffee, then just about anything on the menu will appeal to you, but for good measure, we’d suggest the Ethiopian variety.

Yafa Café, Portage Avenue

A Moroccan coffee experience may be on your bucket list, but until then, this hot spot will do the job of getting you cultured. The brightly coloured exterior of Yafa Café is enough to pique one’s curiosity to go in search of what surprises and secrets are held within. And you will be pleasantly surprised by this fairly new spot. The coffee menu is delicious, with options like Honey Cardamom and Turkish Coffee Dallah.

Modern Coffee, North End

Modern Coffee is another fairly spanking-new coffee spot located in the city’s North End. This shop boasts some of the best bean brands, including Black Pearl and De Luca’s Italian espresso with a focus on local and quality. And the baked goods aren’t too shabby either.

Promenade Cafe and Wine, Saint-Boniface

Looking for gourmet cuisine? Promenade Café and Wine will hit the spot. Looking for gourmet coffee? Stick around after your entrée and sip on some of the most mind-numbingly good coffee you will ever have. This café is a bit of a surprise. Sure, it has the word coffee in its name, but tasting is definitely believing and then going back for more.

Little Sister Coffee Maker is in the thick of things in the heart of Osborne and they recently opened a brand new location in South Osborne. Grab your laptop, or a good book and sit back and sip on your gourmet selection at this neighbourhood café. But if you're finding it hard to make a decision, go for the Cascara Spice Latte.

Prairie Ink Restaurant & Bakery, Winnipeg

Prairie Ink may be a full-service dining spot, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t at least indulge in a cup of coffee while there. In fact, some people ignore the menu altogether and make the coffee and dessert their go-to when they hit this sweet spot. If you’re into flavoured coffees, you can’t go wrong at Prairie Ink as the restaurant offers several tantalizing options. Live music on weekends adds to the ambience of the space.

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