There's a tour guide with 'Exchange District Tour Guide' on their shirt giving a brochure to two people.
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This is Tourism

When you change how you look at tourism, you see it everywhere.

Whenever we go somewhere in Manitoba, it’s almost always a tourism experience. Tourism is a vast industry that touches every corner of our province, and it’s filled with people who are devoted to creating amazing experiences—whether it’s maintaining our parks or attractions, leading tours, running hotels, games, concerts, museums, restaurants—or anything in between.

But when we live so close to it, it’s hard to see it for what it is.

But it really is tourism. And we all benefit.

From the way a walk around the park can resolve our mood on a hard day. A trip with your family can bring you closer together. A cultural experience can teach you new perspectives and ways of being.

All of these things—including a $1.8 billion contribution to the economy—we owe to tourism.

Browse our list below for ways to get involved in Manitoba’s strong and vibrant tourism industry.

Celebrate National Tourism Week

Read our blog to learn about ways you can participate in and celebrate tourism during National Tourism Week.

Learn About the Benefits of Tourism

Read our blog to learn about the ways tourism impacts and benefits all Manitobans.

Participate in Tourism

Supporting Manitoba’s tourism businesses and operators, exploring Manitoba’s greenspaces and waterways, attending festivals and events - these are all ways you can participate in tourism. Visit our travel website to find out more.

Support Indigenous Tourism

Discover Indigenous tourism businesses and operators and explore the ways we are all connected through culture and community.

Find a Job in Tourism

Work in a fast-paced and exciting industry. Browse tourism job boards to discover new opportunities.

Explore Tourism Education Programs

Start your tourism career journey with education. Browse available tourism and hospitality education programs in Manitoba.