Volunteer of the Year

Presented to a volunteer who demonstrates service excellence and has made outstanding contributions to the tourism industry. The nominee has devoted a significant amount of time without financial compensation and has made a long-term positive impact on visitor experience and satisfaction.

Jane Fudge – Dalnavert Museum and Visitors’ Centre

Jane has devoted over 15 years to sharing the rich history of early Winnipeg as a dedicated volunteer at Dalnavert Museum and Visitors’ Centre. Serving as a tour guide, front desk attendant and board member during her time, she sets a high standard for customer service and inspires others with her energy. Jane tirelessly advocates for Dalnavert Museum to everyone she meets and will encourage them to come for a tour to hear more.

Her efforts extend beyond the museum as she advocates for heritage sites citywide, lobbying politicians for funding—a testament to her passion to preserve history for generations to come.

Cari Roller – 2023 World Police & Fire Games

Cari Roller was an integral part of the 2023 World Police & Fire Games Host Organizing Committee as a full-time volunteer. Cari’s dedication to quality and her supportive and caring nature helped guide the team. Her in-depth knowledge and passion for the community allowed her to consistently deliver expert advice.

Cari is unmatched in her enthusiasm and pride for the community, which contributed to the overwhelming success of the World Police & Fire Games. That success has helped set the stage for future hosting opportunities for major sport events, further driving sport tourism in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Heather Norman – Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers' Market

Heather’s calm and steady presence at Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers' Market information booth each week is one of the reasons the farmers' market is a success.

Heather ensures that visitors feel welcome so that they can enjoy their day in historic St. Norbert and also get some groceries, learn about local agriculture and have fun with their family. When visitors are unsure of how best to tackle the busy space, she helps guide them by asking questions and ensuring they get what they need. The community of small business owners at the market thrives because of the contributions and energy of volunteers like Heather.

Tony Mullie – Minnedosa Museum and Heritage Village

Over the past 11 years, Tony Mullie has immersed himself in the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings at the Minnedosa Museum and Heritage Village. There is hardly a day Tony isn’t helping out at the museum. He has taught visitors how to make rope on Heritage Day, has installed an aeration system to the ponds and ensures Manitoba Fisheries restocks them with perch for the catch and release program.

Tony’s commitment to the community is large, and he has volunteered his time in many other organizations over the years including the Rotary Club, Heritage Village, Minnedosa Centennial Handivan Association and the Drama Club. His pleasant manner and resourceful attitude makes him the volunteer that communities dream of, while he works steadily in the background to improve Minnedosa for both residents and tourists.

Richard Felstead – International Peace Garden

Richard has demonstrated exceptional commitment during the 18 years he has dedicated to volunteering at the International Peace Garden. Since his election to the board in 2009, Richard has served on various committees and brings a wealth of management and leadership experience that is rooted in a service mindset.

His contributions are vast, from making enhancements to the 9/11 Memorial Site to updating bylaws and crafting the garden's first strategic plan in decades. Richard is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, such as covering shifts at the front gate and greeting tourists upon arrival. He is a natural communicator, interacting with colleagues and visitors in a genuine and authentic way, embodying the spirit of service and camaraderie at the International Peace Garden.

Skating on the Crescent Committee – Portage la Prairie

A dedicated team of nine volunteers recognized the importance of Crescent Lake and the community benefit a skating trail can bring to Portage la Prairie. The Skating on the Crescent Committee spends countless hours to create and maintain the trail each winter and often use their own personal equipment to establish the trail. Outside of the snowy season, the group also works to secure funding and build new features like warming shacks.

Volunteer contributions to enhance outdoor recreation spaces are huge benefits to a community in reduced tourism seasons and add reasons to enjoy a visit to Portage la Prairie.