Indigenous Tourism

Presented to an Indigenous-owned tourism business or operator who delivers an exceptional culturally-based travel experience that is respectful of the ecological, cultural and economic integrity of the host community or area. The product is authentic and promotes or advances Indigenous culture with goals to educate visitors and generate or stimulate economic activity in the region.

Turtle Village

Nestled in the heart of Wasagaming and Riding Mountain National Park, Turtle Village balances advancing Indigenous culture with environmental respect, weaving a narrative that honours the legacy of the ancestors and contributes to the sustainable development of the community.

Turtle Village is an ideal mix of adventure and comfort, offering an ice fishing village experience with fresh bannock roasted on an open fire as well as comfortable off-grid glamping accommodations run on solar power to minimize environmental impact. Turtle Village’s approach incorporates original history and stories, creating a unique platform for guests to engage with the cultural richness of the area. Turtle Village’s holistic approach blends cultural preservation, sustainability and community engagement with an outstanding tourism offering.

Manito Ahbee Festival

The Manito Ahbee Festival is a world-class celebration of Indigenous art, music, ceremony and culture. With thousands of guests each year, the event relies heavily on social media, media releases and ads, as well as contests, sponsorships and partnerships to draw attendance.

In 2023, five new managers and contractors developed four fresh events including NextGEN, Jig n Jam, the Red Road Runway and updated the ice hockey, ball hockey and basketball tournaments.

Not only does this premiere festival draw thousands of musicians, dancers, and vendors for the marketplace, it is an event that invites all Nations to come together in unity and solidarity.

Borealis Beading

Borealis Beading’s tireless commitment to sharing Métis culture and heritage has had a profound effect on Indigenous tourism in Eastern Manitoba and across the province.

Borealis Beading exhibits a passion and skill in framing Métis cultural learning experiences in an inviting and unique way. Grounded in storytelling, Borealis Beading weaves a memorable experience for visitors through a multitude of tourism offerings, including beading workshops, culinary experiences and foraging opportunities.

By showcasing the distinctiveness of Métis culture, Borealis Beading bridges cultural gaps, promotes understanding and fosters appreciation through tourism.

La Brasserie Nonsuch Brewing Co.

Métis majority-owned with many Métis team members, La Brasserie Nonsuch Brewing Co. operates from a place of truth and a deep personal connection to its Indigenous roots. From offering the unique Beer Bannock culinary and cultural experience to participating in Circles for Reconciliation, Nonsuch Brewery fosters meaningful engagement and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Aligning with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action and leaning into their partnership with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, Nonsuch Brewery’s dedication to creating and sharing authentic Indigenous experiences is a core aspect of their business and a testament to the power of honouring heritage, embracing tradition and contributing to a future that builds wealth for all people.

Dene Routes

Dene Routes brings genuine authenticity to Indigenous tourism in Manitoba. Even though there are very difficult parts to recount, Dene Routes is dedicated to telling the stories of the Saysi Dene people.

Dene Routes creates a safe space for guests to learn and understand the beauty and the struggles of the Dene people. Dene Routes aims to genuinely connect visitors to Churchill through storytelling, educational experiences, traditional foods and art.

Dene Routes is a bridge that allows visitors to experience and embrace the unique and vibrant spirit of Indigenous culture, which creates lasting memories and fosters cross-cultural connections.