Business of the Year – Small

Presented to a tourism business, facility, event or attraction with fewer than 20 employees that provides exceptional visitor experiences that result in a high level of customer satisfaction through the experiences of services provided.

Masagana Flower Farm & Studio

Through a commitment to environmentally-conscious land stewardship and championing local and rural economies, Masagana Flower Farm & Studio provides guests with a truly unique experience near Richer, Manitoba.

Focusing on the TINTA experience, guests use natural flower dyes to create their own wearable art. Many of the plants are grown on-site, and depending on the time of year, guests can participate in a flower u-pick or forage-from-the-forest experience to create their own unique eco-print. In 2023, construction on the Studio in the Woods was completed, allowing Masagana to invite even more guests for an experience they won’t soon forget.

Masagana shows the natural beauty, fertility and possibility of Manitoba's bright and spacious prairie and invites guests to experience the province in which we live.

Splash Dash Boat Tours

Splash Dash Boat Tours has become an icon not only of The Forks but Winnipeg, itself.

Its reputation among locals and tourists alike is unquestionably positive, garnering great reviews through both social media and by word-of-mouth.

Splash Dash Boat Tours has provided quality services to more than 1.2 million people from all corners of the world over 31 years of business. During this time, Splash Dash Boat Tours has proudly maintained a hard-earned safety record with no injuries or accidents, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone.

There is a strong demand for this experience at The Forks, and Splash Dash Boat Tours has served as a proud ambassador and advocate for Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada.


Creating spaces that echo with joy and tradition—that’s Third+Bird. More than a market, it's a name that lights up faces and a place where beloved treasures are found, all while supporting small businesses and independent makers who are pushing modern design and fresh ideas.

Founded by Chandra Kremski, Third+Bird is steered by a dedicated team of empowered women from diverse cultural backgrounds.

In November 2023, Third+Bird proudly marked 15 years as a market experience. In a landscape where only 18 per cent of businesses in Canada are owned by females, and those reaching the 15 year mark is considerably lower, this is a significant achievement. Third+Bird's journey is a testament to resilience, innovation and the impactful contributions of female-led enterprises in the Canadian business landscape.

Bowerbird Stays

Bowerbird Stays was launched in 2019 by a female entrepreneur and has since generated millions in tourism revenue. Bowerbird Stays entices guests to explore Manitoba with a variety of incredible, one-of-a-kind accommodations. Whether it’s a midcentury masterpiece on the river in Winnipeg, a shipping container at Lake of the Prairies or a lodge on 500 acres bordering Riding Mountain National Park, Bowerbird Stays offers truly unique experiences.

With an active online presence, including 25,000 Instagram followers, Bowerbird Stays regularly showcases the regions where it has properties which further helps to elevate the community profile and encourage tourism to these areas.

Kendrick’s Outdoor Adventures

With a small but mighty team, Kendrick's Outdoor Adventures has refreshed and revitalized the adventure rental tourism experience sector in just a few short years.

Kendrick's Outdoor Adventures offers high quality equipment for year-round rentals as well as guest tour experiences. Visitors to Winnipeg want to explore and Kendrick's Outdoor Adventures encourages, supports and allows them to do just that in any season, whether on pavement, snow, water or ice.

With numerous media articles and awards as well as revenue growth, Kendrick's Outdoor Adventures quickly made a name for itself in the city by blazing new trails, being a community partner and providing great visitor experiences. Kendrick’s Outdoor Adventures brings an exciting way to experience all the vibrance of Winnipeg to locals and tourists alike.

Turtle Mountain Adventure Huts

Locally designed, built and operated, Turtle Mountain Adventure Huts are an ideal basecamp for adventurers of all ages and abilities.

The 160 square-foot huts feature a modern design with deck space, an outdoor cooking area and gear storage for skis or bikes. When guests arrive, they find their rental gear ready for use and a crackling fire in the wood stove during the winter.

Turtle Mountain Adventure Huts has had 400 nights booked and a 5 star Airbnb rating during its two complete seasons of operation, ready to bring even more guests to the Turtle Mountain Provincial Park to enjoy the outdoors.