Main street in Town of Churchill.
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From Thompson to Flin Flon to Opaskwayak Cree Nation, get to know the cities, towns and communities of Northern Manitoba.

Rich in heritage and natural wonders, Manitoba's largest region is home to many cities, towns and communities nestled in a vast landscape of pristine wilderness. Marvel at the North's hardy history in Flin Flon, cast off from a dock at Lynn Lake or watch polar bears pass through town in Churchill.

Accessible by highway, boat, plane and even ice road, every one of these northern communities has a story to share and many surprises to discover. Browse the map below to learn more about these cities and towns north of the 53rd parallel.

Northern lights over a Churchill Northern Studies Centre building

Discover the town known as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World"


The Polar Bear Capital of the World

Churchill is a town on Hudson Bay in the far north of Manitoba, Canada. It's best known for polar bears that inhabit the area in the fall, and safaris in raised, reinforced tundra vehicles allow for encounters in the wild.

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Nicknamed "sea canaries," belugas are known for their beautiful vocals. Find them in Churchill