The Thompson Trailbreakers snowmobile club maintains 385 kilometres of trail systems in this region. The trail along Highway 6 connects to the Snow Lake Sno-Drifters trail system.


Explore Thompson's trails with club maps from the Thompson Trailbreakers and the Snow Lake Sno-Drifters. Daytrip options include a combination of trails and backcountry riding:

  • Take the trail to Paint Lake, then backcountry along the Grassy River to Kwasitchewan Falls. Continue to Sasagiu Rapids for lunch, return on the trail system.
  • Take the trail to Gilliam and the Kelsey Generating Station (please call ahead to make arrangements for food and fuel at 204-778-1120)
  • Take a daytrip along the designated trail to Snow Lake, or spend the night in Snow Lake for an overnight option)


Pre-arranged snowmobile tours (including rentals) are available out of Sasagiu Rapids Lodge—contact directly to book.