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Places to Go

From Thompson to Flin Flon to Churchill, there are plenty of places to visit in Manitoba's North.

Rich in heritage and natural wonders, Manitoba's northern region is home to polar bears, beluga whales, wolves and birds of every description. Discover the history of the North's first Indigenous peoples, revisit the fur-trade era and explore a vast landscape of unspoiled wilderness extending from the Interlake to Hudson Bay.

Beluga whale

Wildlife enthusiasts travel to North Manitoba from all over the world.

Setting a fishing line through the ice on a sunny winter day.

Rich Heritage & Abundant Wildlife

Reel in a trophy fish on a crystal-clear lake, hike to majestic waterfalls, take in a trappers festival and marvel at the North's unique culture and way of life—both in historical sites and in the day-to-day life of the people around you. Come for a visit to Churchill, The Pas or Thompson or make a smaller town like Snow Lake or Leaf Rapids your home base. We'll leave the northern lights on for you.

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10 ways Thompson calls you north

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6 wonders of Manitoba's north

In all its incredible vastness, northern Manitoba is home to some of the most remarkable landmarks and landscapes in the province.

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Manitoba's north is home to countless hidden gems. A smaller population and wide open spaces mean that sometimes anything north of Lake Winnipeg flies under the radar. And while the drive may be a bit longer, trust us when we say, the extra tank of gas is...

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This is life North of 53. Come up and see what you're missing.

Places to Go

From Thompson to Flin Flon to Churchill, there are plenty of places to visit in Manitoba's North.

Where to Stay

Bring your fishing rod and hole up in a remote cabin, cozy up to a bed & breakfast, go camping or relax in a full-service hotel or lodge.

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