11 Ways Tourism Benefits all Manitobans

Posted April 10, 2024

When you change how you look at tourism, you see it everywhere.

Tourism is a big deal for Manitoba. It’s not just about the people who come to visit; it’s a vast industry that encompasses a wide variety of sectors, communities and the people who live here.

When visitors spend their money on hotels, food, transportation and souvenirs, those dollars help local businesses stay afloat and grow, meaning more jobs for people in our communities. Tourism also encourages investment in things like roads, parks and attractions. These improvements make life better for all Manitobans.

Tourism also helps us celebrate what makes Manitoba special, highlighting our history, culture and natural beauty. It helps us appreciate our cultural roots and share traditions with visitors, and it’s a chance to showcase what makes our province unique.

From the way tourism can stimulate the economy to improving our quality of life, tourism has a significant impact. Here are 11 ways tourism benefits all Manitobans.

1. Tourism supports key government priorities
Dollars spent on hotels, restaurants, and transportation generate tax revenues that help support critical services that are important to all Manitobans, such as healthcare, education and infrastructure.

2. Tourism creates jobs
Hotels, restaurants, attractions and events need a strong workforce in order to offer services and experiences for both Manitobans and visitors. Tourism jobs are also valuable opportunities for youth, first-time workers, and newcomers to Canada to gain work experience and current workers to advance their careers in a thriving and dynamic industry.

3. Tourism fosters trade
A strong tourism brand positions Manitoba as a great place to live and invest which stimulates trade growth.

4. Tourism preserves and celebrates our cultural heritage
By showcasing our traditions, arts, and cultures, tourism preserves and promotes Manitoba’s unique cultural identity.

5. Tourism provides a platform for reconciliation
Authentic, Indigenous-led tourism has the potential to change perspectives, preserve cultures, languages and traditions, and empowers Indigenous communities to lead economic development.

6. Tourism fosters pride and improves quality of life
Through festivals, events and attractions, tourism brings people together and provides an opportunity for community engagement.

7. Tourism provides legacy benefits
Hosting major events leads to the development of new facilities that residents enjoy for many years to come.

8. Tourism reaches all regions of the province
The benefits of tourism extend beyond the city limits, and Travel Manitoba works to ensure urban, rural, and northern experiences are well represented to potential visitors.

9. Tourism encourages environmental appreciation

As visitors explore the natural beauty and diverse landscapes of the province, they develop a deeper understanding of the land and its fragile ecosystems and habitats.

10. Tourism provides continuous learning

Museums, historical sites and interpretive centres provide valuable knowledge and educational resources for both residents and visitors.

11. Tourism provides opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle

Residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities during all four seasons in urban, rural and wild settings.