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See Beluga Whales in Churchill

When To Go

Beluga Whales: June - September

Thousands of Belugas Gather in the Churchill Region

The western Hudson Bay is home to 57,000 beluga whales and every summer roughly 4,000 whales make their way to the Churchill River estuary to feed, mate and give birth.

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Boat Tours

Belugas are naturally curious animals that will approach boats and other vessels. Tour options include passenger boats that feature a chance to hear the belugas' chirps, clicks and whistles on a hydrophone – an underwater microphone. Zodiac tours cater to smaller groups and are great options for photographers.

Kayak Tours

When the tide and weather conditions are right, there are three-hour kayak tours where you will to paddle out and be one of the pod. For a different paddling excursion, venture out on a stand-up paddleboard.

AquaGliding Tours

AquaGliding is an experience unique to Churchill. Observe whales at water level by laying flat on a floating mat tethered to a zodiac.

About Churchill's Beluga Whales

Nicknamed "sea canaries" for their underwater vocalizations, beluga whales move to the warmer waters of the Churchill River between mid-June and mid-September. These curious whales have few natural predators, and populations are relatively stable – only the orca and the polar bear are natural predators.

Calves and born grey and turn white as they mature. Belugas are unique among other whales because they can turn their heads, often making it seem like they are looking right at you!

Conservation Efforts

The Churchill Beluga Whale Tour Operators Association is a group of independent operators who have created a series of voluntary understanding, policies and protocols that protect beluga whales. The association's goal is to educate, inspire and communicate the value of beluga whales in the world.

The Churchill Beluga Whale Tour Operators Association follows a code of conduct to minimize their impact on the environment and all vessels are operated safely in accordance with Department of Transport regulations.

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