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Polar Bears & Belugas

Churchill Summer

Visiting Churchill is a great time to see beluga whales and polar bears near the town of Churchill. Find all ouf our Churchill Summer photos and videos on our Crowdriff gallery site.

Polar Bears & Northern Lights

Churchill Fall & Winter

Visiting Churchill is a great time to see polar bears as they wait for the ice to form on Hudson Bay, or to see the northern lights dance overhead as the days grow shorter. Find all ouf our Churchill Winter photos and video on our Crowdriff gallery site.

17 polar bear photos that will inspire and amaze you

With polar bear viewing opportunities in both fall and summer, it's no surprise that Churchill (known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World) has become a major tourism destination, where wildlife enthusiasts and photographers can view polar bears from...

Beluga insider: Alex de Vries

Photographer. World traveler. Polar Bear guide. Beluga whisperer. Alex de Vries is one of the few individuals who gets to interact with the wildlife of Churchill on a daily basis – and he’s got the stories to prove it. In celebration of #BelugaWeek, we...

Where, When and How to See Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba

What does it feel like to see the northern lights dance above you in the remote subarctic? Many have described the experience as a humbling one; an awe-inspiring event that leaves one feeling so, so small in the grand scheme of our magnificent universe....

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Welcome to Churchill, Canada

Known as the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill is also known as a beluga whale watching hotspot and one of the best places to see the northern lights.

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About Churchill, Canada

Learn about the history of Churchill and its surroundings, from the Pre-Dorset to Modern Inuit cultures through to the european fur trade and exploration of the North.

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