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Welcome to the polar bear capital of the world.

One thousand kilometres north of Winnipeg is a place that feels like another world. At first glance, Churchill is a northern town like any other. But take another look and you’ll see Churchill is a one-of-a-kind Manitoba destination. Lying along the migration path of polar bears and beluga whales, Churchill draws wildlife enthusiasts from all over the globe.

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Fall is prime time to see polar bears in Churchill.

Adventure on the edge of the Arctic

Your first clue that Churchill is a place for adventurers is the fact that there are no roads that lead here. Coming by plane or train are the only ways to get to this remote town on the shores of Hudson Bay. Churchill hotels and eco-lodges welcome those seeking once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences watching polar bears, beluga whales and also the northern lights, which are visible here up to 300 nights of the year.

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Tundra Inn

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Located in the heart of Churchill the Tundra Inn is the perfect place to stay. Open year-round; it is the ideal place for northern lights chasers in winter , beluga whale lovers in the summer or polar bear seekers in autumn.

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Churchill Wild

Walk with Wild Polar Bears and Wolves!

The only safaris on earth to feature ground-level encounters with polar bears, wolves, beluga whales, and more! Fly-in luxury ecolodges with world-class local cuisine await you before tucking in under the northern lights.

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Travel with our experienced guides in the most luxurious custom-built Polar Rovers, where you will see the majestic polar bear and other arctic wildlife in their natural environment.

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See all that Churchill has to offer from the safety and comfort of our helicopters. Our experienced pilots will be your personal tour guides. We specialize in 60 and 90 minute flights. We’re conveniently located in downtown Churchill. Walk Ins welcome.

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Taking you from here to there – you will be sure to experience adventure like never before. Lock eyes with polar bears, kayak with belugas, or snowshoe under the aurora. It's time to Fly North for Adventure.™

Northern lights over the trees near Churchill, Manitoba

The northern lights can be experienced in Churchill 300 days a year.

Churchill is a year-round destination: fall is prime time to see polar bears, winter offers amazing northern lights viewing, spring is the top season for birdwatching and summer sees thousands of beluga whales arrive in the area.

Churchill’s culture and history are equally fascinating. See where retreating glaciers etched marks on rocks that are billions of years old. Tour a 300 year-old stone fort established by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Go on a thrilling dogsled ride and learn about the importance of this mode of transportation to the people in the North. Admire intricate carvings and other Inuit art and artifacts at the Itsanitaq Museum. From hiking through vibrant fireweed to a shipwreck or seeing the town’s character brought to life in colourful murals, don’t be surprised if Churchill surprises you.

Mural of northern lights overlaid with a persons face and a beluga whale, painted on the side of a building in Churchill.
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Person lying on their back in the snow, looking up at the northern lights in Churchill.

Explore Churchill

Peak viewing time to witness the flickering green hues of the northern lights are between February and March, with plenty of multi-day tour options available.

Polar bear playing its back on the green tundra.
Jad Davenport at Churchill Wild

There are a variety of tours for viewing polar bears in Churchill in both the summer and fall season and deciding on which one is best for you depends on your level of adventure, your desire for exclusivity and your budget.

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Two people kayaking with a pod of beluga whales near Churchill, Manitoba.

Beautiful Belugas

Over 57,000 beluga whales make their way into Hudson Bay each year, with 4,000 of those entering the Churchill River Estuary. There are a number of multi-day, single-day and DIY style tours to choose from on your northern summer adventure.

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Discover Winnipeg's turn-of-the-last century Exchange District, friendly neighbourhoods and attractions showcasing the city’s history.

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Welcome to Churchill, Canada

Known as the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill is also known as a beluga whale watching hotspot and one of the best places to see the northern lights.

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About Churchill, Canada

Learn about the history of Churchill and its surroundings, from the Pre-Dorset to Modern Inuit cultures through to the european fur trade and exploration of the North.

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