Mother polar bear standing next to her cub lying on rocks near Churchill.

Canadian Signature Experiences

Since the inaugural Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) collection was debuted by Destination Canada in 2011, the program has grown from 48 to 200 members.

This esteemed list showcases once-in-a-lifetime, authentic travel experiences that exemplify Canada's tourism brand. CSE member businesses are given the opportunity to reach key international markets through the Destination Canada's global marketing campaigns, travel trade, travel media and sales programs.

Photo of a persons hands holding a small yellow bird.

A Bird in The Hand
Oak Hammock Marsh

A polar bear stands up to get a closer look at passengers on a Tundra Buggy.

Polar Bears by Tundra Buggy
Frontiers North Adventures

Polar bear cub lounges on the rocks in the sunshine along the waters edge.

Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure
Lazy Bear Expeditions

A group of people looking up at the dome in the Manitoba Legislature durin the Hermetic Code Tour.

Hermetic Code Tour
Heartland Travel

Mother and calf lying in the grass on a sunny day.

A Prairie Legacy
Fort Whyte Alive

Canadian Museum for Human Rights lit up at dusk.

Exploring A Canadian Landmark
Canadian Museum for Human Rights

People beluga watching from a boat in the Hudson Bay.

Birds, Bears & Belugas
Churchill Wild

People watching the polar bears swimming at Journey to Churchill at Assiniboine Park Zoo

Journey to Churchill
Assiniboine Park Zoo