Tourism Ambassador Program

Travel Manitoba’s Tourism Ambassadors Program highlights the individuals who play a key role in the development, execution and continued success of our tourism businesses. Click on the videos below for a look at just a few of the people working hard to provide an memorable visitor experience for Manitoba’s guests. Each of these individuals exemplify the kind of passion, perspective and performance that makes great tourism experiences a part of Manitoba’s tourism landscape and each serve as inspiration for others to emulate.

Jacques Bourgeois

For over 10 years, Jacques Bourgeois has been dedicated to making Oak Hammock Marsh a great place to visit. A dynamic man, Jacques is always looking for new ways to enhance the visitor experience. Jacques’ goal is to treat everyone who comes to the marsh like a VIP, no matter who they are. His passion for what Oak Hammock Marsh and the Interlake region have to offer is truly contagious and an inspiration to visitors and fellow industry members alike.

Bette Mueller

Bette Mueller has been a driving force behind tourism in the Manitou and Pembina Valley area for many years. Volunteering her time for over 15 years, Bette has spearheaded, researched and sourced funding for many tourism initiatives and continues to do so. Having sat on numerous committees, Bette has been instrumental in getting people in the area behind the idea of tourism as an economic driver for the community. Bette is a strong leader with vision and is able to bring out the best in people and her community.

Monique Olivier

Monique Olivier has worked in the tourism industry since 2003 and currently holds seasonal positions with Riel House National Heritage Site and the Festival du Voyageur. Owing in large part to her interest in Manitoba history, her love of sharing experiences, and her desire to communicate these experiences to visitors, Monique has dedicated herself to tourism. Monique enjoys providing an “unforgettable experience” to the people that she meets and is likewise persistent in her determination to remind Manitobans and visitors alike how Manitoba is a unique place to live, work and play.

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