Experiential Tourism

Experiential travel is an excellent way to differentiate your company and community, and to find your advantage in a globally competitive environment. This will enable you to:

  • Celebrate your unique potential that can allow you to differentiate yourself from others that are in the same business
  • Attract new markets and higher yield customers
  • Identify and work with new collaborating partners
  • Avoid unnecessary risks and major investments by shifting the opportunity focus from building more infrastructure to building the capacity of people who can tell your ‘story' and connect with the traveler

"Experiential travel engages visitors in a series of memorable travel activities, revealed over time, that are inherently personal, engage the senses, and make connections on an emotional, physical, spiritual, social or intellectual level." Nancy Arsenault (2004)

The following worksheets and online resources are a framework for understanding the basics elements of experiential tourism and how to create your own extraordinary Manitoba experience for visitors.

A special thank you goes out to Nancy Arsenault of the Tourism Cafe, Celes Davar of Earth Rhythms and the Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism for their support in the development of the worksheets in this section.


Travel Manitoba’s Experiential Tourism Toolkit

Ingredients of an Experience

Steps to Craft an Experience

Measuring Experiential Travel Success for Operators

Managing Risk

Online Resources

CTC Experiences Toolkit for Canadian tourism industry partners (English)

CTC Experiences Toolkit for Canadian tourism industry partners (French)

Experience Nova Scotia Toolkit

Tourism Cafe - A tourism training company specializing in experiential travel.


Fulfilling travellers dreams through experiences

Connecting travellers to culture, community and cuisine

Print Resources

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Arsenault, Nancy. Defining Tomorrow's Tourism Product: Packaging Experiences. Canadian Tourism Commission, 2004.

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