Business Planning

Evaluating the Tourism Potential of Trails

Evaluating the Tourism Potential of Trails looks at the key questions that should be answered with respect to the attraction, the access, the accommodation and the advertising, as well as the demand for these.

Business Builder Guide

emerit Business Builders includes practical, straightforward tourism business management information, tools, resources and templates. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small tourism business owners and operators, this resource explores the basics of business planning, development and management, in both English and French.

Market-Readiness Checklist

Is your business/organization ready for tourists? This Market Ready Checklist will help you to determine whether you are ready to receive tourists and show you areas where you need to improve in order to meet the demands of today's tourists.

Canadian Business Services for Entrepreneurs

The Canada-Manitoba Business Services Centre offers a range of valuable information and business planning tools, guides and advice.

Environmental Claims Guide

The objective of this Environmental Claims Guide is to provide those with self-declared environmental claims with a best practice guide to the application of standard environmental claims in the Canadian marketplace. 

Craft Breweries and Micro-Distillers

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection has launched, where potential craft brewers and micro-distillers can find links to the municipal, provincial and federal information required to start operations in Manitoba. The site is divided into four broad sections: learning, getting started, selling the goods and resources. The site also provides links to resources for help with business planning, access to government programs and services, as well as completing the licensing, registration and regulation requirements. Other important information about pricing, labelling, distribution and marketing is available to help business owners make informed decisions about their operations.

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