Tourism Education Organizations

Manitoba Tourism Education Council

The mission of the Manitoba Tourism Education Council is to enhance the performance and ensure the sustainability of Manitoba's tourism and hospitality industry by delivering relevant training and human resource development. Through consultation with industry, education and government, programs are practical, relevant and cost-effective.

Training opportunities include: workshops, self-directed print and on-line resources to assist business and individual learning needs.

emerit Tourism Training

emerit Tourism Training has been developed by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) in collaboration with tourism industry professionals. It is the most recognized training and certification brand in the tourism industry.

emerit Occupational Standards

emerit National Occupational Standards are manuals that describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be considered competent in an occupation. These standards have real-world applicability in the tourism sector, because they were developed by tourism professionals themselves in collaboration with leading tourism organizations in the country. When every employee in a business has a clear understanding of the industry standards set for their profession, they are on the fast-track to excellence. The excellence of your employees brings success to your business.

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