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Tourism Education Organizations

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Manitoba Tourism Education Council

The mission of the Manitoba Tourism Education Council is to enhance the performance and ensure the sustainability of Manitoba's tourism and hospitality industry by delivering relevant training and human resource development. Through consultation with industry, education and government, programs are practical, relevant and cost-effective.

Training opportunities include: workshops, self-directed print and on-line resources to assist business and individual learning needs.

Red River College Polytech

RRC Polytech blends deep, knowledge-based learning with applied hands-on experience, and highlights the important role our graduates play in growing Manitoba’s economy as our province looks to the future. The Hospitality and Tourism Management program is designed to prepare students to work in hospitality and tourism businesses by providing courses aimed at developing a fundamental business and customer service background.

Training opportunities include: Hospitality and Tourism Management (diploma or certificate) and Culinary Arts (diploma or certificate)

Université de Saint-Boniface

Université de Saint-Boniface offers a range of technical programs including tourism. The two-year tourism management program focuses on the management and administration of businesses in several sectors of the tourism industry. Particular emphasis is placed on customer service and interpersonal communication in French and English.

Training opportunities include: Tourism Management (diploma)

Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM)

CDEM is the driving force behind economic development in 15 bilingual communities of Manitoba. The tourism sector of CDEM is involved in several regional, provincial and/or federal projects to continue to support and encourage the development of bilingual tourism products and services in Manitoba. CDEM provides support to bilingual entrepreneurs and communities within the province and offers a number of tools and resources developed to support businesses available online.

Training opportunities include: webinars, online training videos and articles

Tourism HR Canada

Tourism HR Canada is the national HR organization working for the tourism sector, with a mandate aimed at building a world-leading tourism workforce. They facilitate, coordinate and enable human resource development activities that support a globally competitive and sustainable industry and foster the development of a dynamic and resilient workforce. Tourism HR Canada works with the industry to attract, train, and retain valuable tourism professionals by giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Training opportunities include: Emerit Skills Training and Certification, SMART Accreditation Program, Ready to Work Program, Tourism Workforce Recovery Toolkit