Plans & Policies

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Brochure Distribution Policy

Travel Manitoba operates four Visitor Information Centres within Manitoba. The Visitor Information Centres serve as a contact point for travelers entering Manitoba. Each centre distributes Travel Manitoba’s official literature as well as Manitoba tourism industry brochures. As part of Travel Manitoba’s mandate to provide appropriate visitor and information services, all brochures (hereinafter refers to printed promotional brochures and other literature, including rack cards, maps, booklets, etc.) intended for distribution must be approved by Travel Manitoba before they are accepted at any of the centres.

Preference is given to Travel Manitoba’s signature literature and display of widespread provincial material, regional guides, and local destination guides.

The distribution of any literature by Travel Manitoba does not imply endorsement by Travel Manitoba.

Travel Manitoba retains the sole authority for selecting literature for public display and distribution at all travel centres.

Travel Manitoba retains the right to decide at which four locations the literature will be distributed.

Brochure distribution requests will be answered within fourteen days.

Download the complete Brochure Distribution Policy guidelines (pdf)