Travel Manitoba Studies

Travel Manitoba conducts original research to enhance the organization's ability to promote Manitoba as a quality, year-round tourism destination, ensure exceptional visitor experiences, and foster a professional tourism industry.

A Profile of US Anglers Fishing in Manitoba

Manitoba has a strong reputation as a premier destination for sport/recreational fishing and it is an important segment of Manitoba tourism industry. As the lead marketing organization for the tourism industry in Manitoba, Travel Manitoba strives to become an industry expert, and on top of current information and trends.

The overall objectives of this study are:

  • To get a better understanding of our customers (their overall profile)
  • To get a better understanding of customers' trip characteristics (including their loyalty)
  • To gather perceptions related to various aspects of fishing industry (what customers are saying and why)

Please click here for the report.

2011 Travel Manitoba Fishing & Hunting Economic Evaluation

This Economic Assessment of Manitoba's Fishing & Hunting provides a clear sense of the scale of the recreational fishing and hunting industry in Manitoba - information which has not been available until this study was conducted. Thanks to strong communications efforts made by both the MLOA and Travel Manitoba, and a recognition by industry leaders of this study's necessity, this report provides the foundation for ongoing work with one our premier tourism products.

Travel Manitoba Industry Surveys

Travel Manitoba surveys Manitoba's tourism industry in order to generate visitation forecasting data, to implement an on-going process of consultation with industry to explore industry quality and to determine the importance of various products and services offered by Travel Manitoba.

2010 Travel Manitoba Industry Survey Report

Conversion Studies

The purpose of conversion studies is to estimate the conversion of Manitoba tourism inquiries into actual tourist visits to Manitoba, to gather data on travel preferences and influencers, the quality of travel information services, trip planning patterns, demographic profiles and vacation planning behaviour. Findings from this study are used to refine existing programs and plan future initiatives.

2010 Travel Manitoba Conversion Study

2009 Travel Manitoba Conversion Study

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