Travel Manitoba presented a series of webinars to help tourism operators make the most of using the internet as a marketing tool. Susan Sweeney, internet marketing expert and author of eight internet marketing books, offered participants insightful ideas and practical advice in each of the five webinars.

Formula for Tourism Online Success

Discover the information you need to choose the right e-business model, develop the right website, and generate substantial traffic to your web site so you can achieve your online marketing goals.

Formula for Tourism Online Success (2.4MB)

How to Optimize Your Site for Top Search Engine Ranking

Eighty-five per cent of internet users doing their travel research online use search engines. Most rarely go beyond the first 10 results. To benefit from this tremendous traffic opportunity, make sure your site is designed to be search engine friendly.Learn about popular search engines and their ranking criteria as well as tips, tools, techniques and resources to optimize your search engine placement.

How to Optimize Your Site for Top Search Engine Ranking

Email Marketing and Landing Pages

Permission based email marketing is a critically important element of every internet marketing strategy. You have to give your website visitors a reason to give you permission to send them email on a regular basis. Once you have that permission, you have to have a structure in place so you can learn more about them and send them more targeted and valuable e-mails,. You have to make sure your landing page is designed for conversion - getting the visitor to take the action you want them to take.

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Partnering and Cross Promotion to Increase Traffic

Today everyone is trying to do more with less. There is a tremendous opportunity in partnering with non-competing organizations that have the same target market as you to achieve a much broader reach and exposure at a portion of the usual cost - many opportunities are absolutely free because they are win/win for the participants. Explore a number of different examples of fantastic partnering opportunities you can implement to increase your exposure, generate more traffic, place higher with search engines and do more business online.

Partnering and Cross Promotion to Increase Traffic (3.4MB)

Latest Internet Marketing Trends

Is your web site keeping current with consumers' expectations? Review the life cycle of travel and tourism websites and technologies that are becoming the benchmarks of a successful website. Social media, RSS, social bookmarking, Facebook, YouTube, consumer generated content, podcasting and mobile marketing are a few of the topics to be examined. See how your site measures up, learn what you have to do to catch up and what you have to prepare for in the future.

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Invest in Tourism Partners