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President and CEO's Office

Colin Ferguson, President and CEO

Colin Ferguson

President and CEO

EQ Type: I am a Cultural History Buff because I like to explore all there is and experience it firsthand. Up next for my travels... more interesting places and people throughout Manitoba.

Strategy and Market Development

This division sets strategic objectives and directs operations for the corporation, liaises with governments and other bodies to secure funding, and directs the development of international marketing plans. Contact program areas:

Travel Trade
Market Intelligence & Industry Relations

Visitor Services
Partnership Programs

Brigitte Sandron, Senior Vice President

Brigitte Sandron

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Market Development

EQ Type: I am a Free Spirit because I love travelling with others experiencing new and exciting things together.

Travel Trade, Incentive, Meetings & Conventions

Melanie Swenarchuk, Senior Business Develpment Manager

Melanie Swenarchuk

Senior Business Development Manager

EQ Type: Cultural explorer - I absolutely love travelling whether it is in my own province or exploring new destinations. I love the challenge of complex journeys and exploring spontaneously without set itineraries. Travels with close friends and family are the most fun, as I love sharing the experiences along the way.

Cindy Perrett, International Marketing Specialist

Cindy Perrett

International Marketing Specialist

EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer because when I travel I love having the freedom to stop in the moment and take in the amazing scenery or blend in with the locals at a market or festival.

Michel LaRivière

Michel LaRivière

International Marketing Specialist

EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I love to travel, live for adventure and while on a trip, I want to see and experience everything on my bucket list.

Partnership, Industry Relations

Lindsay Egan, Partnership & Visitor Experiences Specialist

Lindsay Egan

Partnership & Visitor Experiences Coordinator

EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I like to create the path, not follow it. I don't travel by the guide books, I want to explore the behind the scenes and indulge in those one-of-a-kind experiences.

Samantha Dawson, Partnership and Visitor Services Specialist

Samantha Dawson

Partnership & Visitor Experiences Specialist

EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit traveler because I have an enthusiasm for travel and for exploring new destinations. From world-class attractions to little-known hidden gems, I enjoy the adventure of unique experiences and trying many new things.

Strategy and Development

Jackie Tenuta, Director, Strategy & Development

Jackie Tenuta

Director, Strategy & Development

EQ Type: I’m a Cultural Explorer because I love getting off the beaten track to experience culture, food and language. Ideally I stay with locals so that I can fully immerse myself and make a personal connection. I want to see and do it all from festivals, historic sites and nature to just sitting in a coffee shop and watching the people go by. My favourite thing to do is walk around and explore on my own with no clear direction or purpose so that I can get the feel of a new place.

Yan Cong, Research Analyst

Yan Cong

Research Analyst

EQ Type: I am an Authentic Experiencer because I want to be fully immersed in a travel experience to satisfy my curiosity. I also want to be spontaneous when I travel. Group tours are just not my thing.

Elise Wood

Business Development Specialist

EQ Type: Rejuvenator

Alan McLauchlan

Northern Manitoba Toursim Consultant

Visitor Services

Nancy Evans

Travel Counsellor (Bilingual)

Taylor Bowman-Robinson, Travel Counsellor

Taylor Bowman-Robinson

Travel Counsellor

EQ Type: I am Cultural Explorer. When I travel, I seek to embrace and immerse myself in the local culture. I can usually be found shopping the markets and getting lost while wandering the streets of any new place I visit.

Aaron McMahon

Travel Counsellor & Distribution Administrator

EQ Type: Cultural Explorer

Marketing and Communications

This division is responsible for brand management and advertising, including media and public relations, publication production, E-marketing and corporate communications. In addition, the division is responsible for partnered marketing and sales, working with partners from the arts and culture, outdoor adventure, fishing and hunting and meetings and convention sectors. Contact program areas:

Production Services
Digital Operations

Media Relations
Corporate Communications

Linda Whitfield, Vice President of Marketing

Linda Whitfield

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

EQ Type: As an Authentic Experiencer, my travels often involve some sort of personal physical challenge, along with taking in the sights and sounds of the destination. I'm independent and will often travel solo. I like to make my own plans and have flexibility to change them at will. Group tours and all-inclusive resorts are definitely not for me.

Ryan Suffron

Fish/Hunt Consultant

Keevin Erickson

Fish/Hunt Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing

Nisha Tuli, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Nisha Tuli

Senior Content Marketing Manager

EQ Type: As a Free Spirit, I love diverse travel experiences that take me from urban settings to the remote outdoors. I love adventure, cuisine and not really knowing how my day will play out. If it's something I haven't tried before, I'm in.

Jillian Reckseidler, Content Specialist

Jillian Recksiedler

Senior Content Specialist

EQ Type: I am a Cultural Explorer because when I travel to a new destination, the first thing I do is hit the streets walking to gain a local's perspective. You'll find me eating at that 'mom & pop' restaurant off the strip, weaving my way through a market or resting my feet at a B&B.

Tamara Soroka, Content Specialist

Tamara Soroka

Media Content Specialist

EQ Type: I'm a Cultural Explorer because I never want to feel like a tourist! I want to eat where the locals eat and play where the locals play. I want to immerse myself in the true spirit of a destination and make memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Breanne Sewards, Editorial Content Specialist

Breanne Sewards

Editorial Content Specialist

EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit! I'm always planning for my next trip and doing the research to make sure I experience the best restaurants, hotels and activities that my destination has to offer.

Kit Muir

Content Specialist

EQ Type: Authentic Experiencer

Communications & Design

Alexis McEwen, Communications Manager

Alexis McEwen

Senior Communications Manager

EQ Type: I'm a No Hassle Traveller - I want all the big pieces of the puzzle in place so that when I arrive, my family and I are free to discover our destination at our own pace.

Mark Remoquillo

Senior Graphic Designer

EQ Type: Cultural Explorer

Myra Ramos

Myra Ramos

Asset & Production Coordinator (on mat leave)

EQ Type: I'm I'm a Cultural Explorer - I am perpetually curious and love to soak up as much history and information as I can about a new place I visit, and I'm always up for trying new food and adventures!

Alysha Reutcky

Asset and Design Coordinator

Digital Marketing

Alex Krosney, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Alex Krosney

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

EQ Type: I’m an Authentic Experiencer because I like to explore on my own path, and at my own pace. I love asking questions and learning about wherever I’m visiting, including reading everything I pass along the way.

Douglas Evans, Digital Marketing Manager

Douglas Evans

Digital Experience Specialist

EQ Type: I'm an Authentic Experiencer because I like to do my own thing, go off the beaten track. I'm not afraid to try anything new.

Ally Sigurdson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Ryan Schultz, Information Services Coordinator

Ryan Schultz

Database and Information Systems Coordinator

EQ Type: I am a No Hassle Traveller because I prefer to explore the destination at my own pace without having a limiting itinerary.

Corporate Services

This division supports financial administration as well as delivering human resource services by providing financial reporting, payroll and benefit services, staffing services and general office support and administration. Contact division:

Corporate Services
Visitor Services

Corporate Services

Rebecca McKie

Rebecca McKie

Director, Corporate Services

EQ Type: I'm a Free Spirit because I love to escape from everyday life by travelling to new destinations and experiencing the best they have to offer.

Headshot for Tricia Woikin

Tricia Woikin

Sales and Corporate Services Coordinator

EQ Type: I am a Cultural Explorer because I like to immerse myself in the local culture and be just like everyone else.

Christina Love Finance Manager

Christina Love

Human Resources

EQ Type: I am a Free Spirit because I am open to any kind of fun, new experience when I travel. My trips combine a little local culture, a little relaxation, and a little food exploration to create a whole lot of memories!