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There is an easy and affordable way to make your marketing dollars work even harder for you... Partner with Travel Manitoba! Extend your marketing budget and the reach and impact of your own marketing with us.

Explore a variety of great ways to partner with Travel Manitoba in the coming year. We have something for every business, every organization and every budget.

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2021 Travel Manitoba & Tourism Winnipeg Partnership Opportunities

For customized package opportunities contact:

Melanie Swenarchuk
Senior Business Development Manager
Tel: (204) 927-7864
Fax: (204) 927-7828

Lindsay Egan
Partnership & Visitor Experiences Coordinator
Tel: (204) 228-3435
Fax: (204) 927-7828

Samantha Dawson - Mat Leave
Partnership & Visitor Experiences Specialist
Tel: (204) 296-9735
Fax: (204) 927-7828

Michel LaRiviere
International Marketing Specialist
Tel: (204) 918-5402
Fax: (204) 927-7828

Meet Our Invest in Tourism Partners

Manitoba’s tourism industry is a major economic driver and in order to reach its full growth potential, investment is required.

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We are pleased to offer a free marketing opportunity that uses to market what your business has to offer to reach millions of potential visitors to Manitoba.

Star Attractions Application

The Star Attractions program, administered by Travel Manitoba, provides tourism marketing opportunities and access to highway directional signage to qualifying tourism attractions in the province of Manitoba.