A person snowboarding at Mystery Mountain near Thompson.

Skiing & Snowboarding

If you think Manitoba is all flat, then you’re flat out wrong! The province’s changing landscapes offer exciting downhill skiing and snowboarding runs, while hundreds of kilometres of groomed trails keep cross-country enthusiasts busy all winter long.

Strap on the skis and make the most of Manitoba’s outstanding snowy winters

What do you get when you add a bright winter day with the need for a little speed? The perfect reason to check out one of Manitoba’s seven downhill ski and snowboard destinations. These winter hotspots are found all over the province, ranging from small hills great for beginners to more challenging runs, reaching up to heights of over 121 metres.

A person snowboarding at Mystery Mountain near Thompson.

Top 10 Skiing & Snowboarding Experiences

Dip through forested areas on cross-country skis but don’t miss out on some mean downhill slopes as well. From bunny hills and black diamonds to dips, dives, and straightaways, Manitoba’s winter offers challenges and fun for all types of skiers.

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Trails around the province take on a different look during the winter. Enjoy the changes that comes with a covering of fluffy white snow.

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Central Manitoba

Clear Lake Country

The Whiteshell Cross Country Ski Club grooms and maintains many of the ski trails in the Eastern region of the province.

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Once you've chosen your skiing destination, start planning the rest of your winter escape with accommodation options in the area!


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Map of Manitoba's geographic areas; Winnipeg, North, West, Central, East.

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