Beluga Whales
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Churchill | Treaty 5

Beluga Whale Viewing

Meet thousands of belugas as they gather near Churchill.

Many know Churchill as the Polar Bear Capital of the World but in the summer, beluga whales take the spotlight when thousands of these friendly creatures choose the Churchill River Estuary as their summer home to mate, birth and feed.

Whether you kayak, stand-up paddleboard or view them from the deck of a boat, there’s no doubt you’ll be delighted by the beluga whales’ friendly and curious nature. Over 57,000 whales make their way into Hudson Bay each year, with 4,000 of those entering the Churchill River Estuary. There are a number of multi-day, single-day and DIY style tours to choose from on your northern summer adventure.

Beluga whale

You can hear the belugas’ whistles and chirps on a boat tour thanks to a hydrophone lowered into the water.

Belugas are highly social and travel in large groups called pods. It’s possible to see pods numbering in the hundreds on a visit to Churchill.

Get to know Churchill’s beluga whales on a northern summer safari

A summer safari in Manitoba's north is the experience of a lifetime. Make that two lifetimes. See both great white icons - polar bears and beluga whales - and soak up the diverse culture of this vast natural landscape at the same time.

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Come Face To Face With Beluga Whales

Experience Belugas up close and personal this summer on an AquaGliding™ adventure! Glide on the surface of the water where the action is and be approached by friendly belugas! 

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Birds, Bears & Belugas

Discover the magic of an Arctic summer as you get up close and personal with beluga whales and polar bears while on safari!

Tuesday, Apr 13
H: -17°
L: -20°
Weather icon Snow (3–8 cm.) until evening.
Snow (3–8 cm.) until evening.
Wednesday, Apr 14
H: -16°
L: -19.5°
Weather icon Overcast throughout the day.
Overcast throughout the day.
Thursday, Apr 15
H: -15.5°
L: -18°
Weather icon Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Friday, Apr 16
H: -15.5°
L: -18.5°
Weather icon Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Two people kayaking with a pod of beluga whales near Churchill, Manitoba.
Summer Safari
Bucket List. Transformative. Life changing. Aha moment. Whatever word you use to describe travel, Churchill leaves an impression.


Can I drive to Churchill?

There are no roads to Churchill. Churchill is a remote community that sits on Hudson Bay and the only way to reach the town is by train or plane!

When is the best time of year to visit Churchill?

The best time to see polar bears is during the fall and winter, from mid-October to mid-November, when the bears make their trek across the tundra and through the town of Churchill to spend winter hunting on the frozen Hudson Bay. Polar bears can also be spotted in Churchill from July - September, but in fewer numbers.

The best time to see beluga whales is in July and August, when nearly 60,000 whales have made their way into Hudson Bay and the Churchill River.

While northern lights can be viewed year-round, February to March is the ideal time of year to visit due to cold weather and longer nights.

Beluga whale looking at the camera near Churchill.

Unlike many whales and dolphins, the vertibrae in the beluga whale neck are not fused allowing it to move it's head side to side.

What should I pack for a trip to Churchill?

During peak polar bear season, be prepared for snow and cold conditions. Several layers of clothing, including an insulated parka or waterproof jacket, insulated boots, thick mitts or gloves, toque (woolen hat), and long underwear are recommended.During northern lights season, add a balaclava, quality snow boots that are good to a temperature of -45˚ C (-25˚ F) and heavy duty snow/ski pants.Summer in Churchill is temperate but layers are still recommended, as well as a bug net and/or bug spray.

When To Go

  • Summer safari: July to August
  • Winter safari: Mid-October to Mid-November

Getting There:

Beluga Whale Watching
Top five reasons to head to Churchill, Canada, this summer
This remote town on the edge of Hudson Bay is an ultimate summer destination, not only to view polar bears, but for bonding with another white mammal: the beluga whale.
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