Northern Lights
Witness one of the World’s great natural wonders

Northern Lights

See the northern lights up to 300 nights a year.

See an amazing phenomenon of the natural world

While the natural wonder known as the northern lights or the aurora borealis can be seen throughout all of Manitoba, Churchill experiences the phenomenon nearly 300 nights a year. With its ideal position under the auroral oval, Churchill draws in eager nature enthusiasts every year to see its beauty.

Marvel at the northern lights on a winter adventure

In Churchill, the peak viewing time for witnessing the flickering green hues of the Aurora Borealis is between February and March, with plenty of multi-day tour options available to take you north.

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Lazy Bear Expeditions

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Experience northern lights, fall colours, majestic polar bears, beautiful beluga whales and an amazing lodge on an adventure of a lifetime!

Nanuk Operations

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Experience an unforgettable adventure this winter in northern Manitoba with Nanuk Operations and the award winning Nights Under Lights tour.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

The Ultimate Destination For Photographers

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre sits next to the historic Rocket Range, offering an iconic backdrop for aurora photography.

Whether you view the northern lights from the warmth of a tundra vehicle, a cozy viewing lounge, or an operating research station, you’ll witness the show of a lifetime. This once-in-a-lifetime winter adventure is a must for anyone looking to tick one of the world’s greatest nature experiences off their bucket list.

A visit to Churchill also means taking in the culture of this unique northern Canadian town. Visit the fascinating Itsanitaq Museum; see an amazing collection of murals; and relish in a thrilling dog sled experience.

Inuit mythology says the northern lights are the spirits of their ancestors playing ball with a walrus skull.
Northern Lights Churchill

Experience The Magic

While northern lights can be viewed year-round, February to March is the ideal time of year to visit due to cold weather and longer nights.

Aurora borealis

What does it feel like to see the northern lights dance above you in the remote subarctic? Many have described the experience as humbling; an awe-inspiring event that leaves one feeling so, so small in the grand scheme of our magnificent universe.

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Red Fox at Churchill

The Polar Bear Capital of the World

One thousand kilometres north of Winnipeg is a place that feels like another world. At first glance, Churchill is a northern town like any other. But take another look and you’ll see that Churchill is a one-of-a-kind destination.

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Lying along the migration path of polar bears and beluga whales, Churchill draws wildlife enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Ways to Experience the Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Aurora Domes

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