How To Play

Start by downloading the app! Search “Manitoba Explorer” in either the Apple Store, or Google Play store to get started. You can also download* the app right here.

Once you’ve signed in, check out the 100 destinations across the province. Each location is worth up to 50 entries in the monthly and grand prize draws.

Visit any and all of the 100 locations to claim your entries! When you visit a location, watch for the “Check In” button to turn green. Once it does, you’re ready to CHECK IN and collect those entries!

There are two types of achievements: Digital Badges and Achievement Pins.

Complete Trails to collect digital badges.

All of the Points of Interest you collect will count toward an achievement pin. There are three pins to collect:

- at 25 POI's

- at 50 POI's

- at 75 POI's

Once you successfully reach an achievement level, your pin will be mailed to you.

The more places you CHECK IN the better your chances of winning!

Keep an eye on your progress through the app, and see how others are doing on the progress page!