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A Prairie Legacy: The Bison and Its People


Winnipeg, 3 hours

Discover how the bison influenced the history of Manitoba and the lives of Aboriginals, Métis and pioneers. Venture through the aspen forest onto the open prairie, where you will experience your first close-up encounter with 30 grunting, munching bison. Test your skills as you power a mighty Voyageur canoe around the lake, or hear the crunching of the snow under historic footwear, the snowshoe. Explore a Plains Cree Tipi and marvel at the design and functionality - cool in summer and warm in winter, offering a respite from the prairie winds. Feel the smoothness of a hand crafted black spoon, fashioned from a bison horn. Step inside a one-room pioneer sod house and savour wild bush tea and bannock over a campfire.

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