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Watch as the wind kicks up waves of crystalline light over frozen surfaces in Riding Mountain National Park, then venture off the trail for a guided wilderness trek to a hidden lake, following elk and timber wolf tracks along the way. Enjoy long winter nights when you can snowshoe by the light of the moon, then watch the aurora borealis dance overhead as you make your way back to the resort for a soak in the mineral pool.

In Winnipeg, follow a trail to the bison enclosure at FortWhyte Alive, then pop into a pioneer sod house to warm yourself with wild bush tea and campfire bannock. And at Oak Hammock Marsh don snowshoes to explore the surrounding woods, where you can follow animal tracks or watch for snowy owls and the rare gyrfalcon. 

Head to Beaudry Provincial Park and follow the Assiniboine River for miles, undisturbed by anything but deer and woodpeckers. At Birds Hill Provincial Park, watch for white-tailed deer while enjoying designated snowshoe trails through stands of aspen, oak and cedar. And enjoy the scenery while you tread through La Barriere Park, where you can traverse more than 300 acres of rolling riverbank, forest and plains.

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