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Fishing for All

From remote wilderness lodges to dropping a line in the local river, Manitoba is known for its incredible fishing.

Ice fishing

Drive time: various
The prairies in winter are prime territory for ice fishing, home to a sprawling network of frozen lakes and rivers - which are themselves home to a seemingly endless supply of walleye, perch, pike, and trout (among countless others). On the Red River north of Selkirk, you'll find a miniature village comprised of dozens of ice fishing shacks - all of them occupied by hardy hard-water anglers looking to land one of the region's many greenback walleye. It's a similar situation at nearby Lockport, where you can set up shelter and sink your line in the shadow of the locks - then warm up while sinking your teeth into a famed footlong from Skinner's. You'll find perch aplenty in Lake Manitoba's south basin - accessible through Twin Beaches or the spillway north of Portage la Prairie. The boreal forests of Whiteshell Provincial Park provide a perfect backdrop against which to catch crappies, northern pike, and rainbow, brown and brook trout.

Catfishing on the Red River

Drive time: 20 minutes
If you want to catch big catfish and catch lots of them, visit CatDaddy, strategically located on the banks of the Red River in Lockport. There is nowhere in North America where you can consistently catch monster channel catfish each and every trip. Chanel catfish go absolutely crazy when hooked and reeling them in is a workout in itself. Trophy channel catfish (or Master Angler qualifying) is 34 inches, but guests here regularly catch catfish up to 39 inches.


Drive time: various
With lakes and rivers teaming with this species, it is only fitting that the walleye is Manitoba's most popular sport fish and the official provincial fish. If you look at the Master Angler annual records, you will find page after page listing fish over the qualifying size of 28 inches. Lakes on the eastern side of Manitoba are legendary among hardcore walleye anglers for both numbers of fish and their ability to produce trophy fish. Ever had the thrill of catching, holding and releasing a walleye over ten pounds? There are few places in the world that can match the mighty Red River from Lockport to Lake Winnipeg and the Winnipeg River from Pine Falls to Lake Winnipeg. Many of the great walleye lakes and rivers in Manitoba have lodges either on the lake or close by, with more than five hundred destinations to choose from.

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