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Beach-y Keen

With more than 100,000 lakes in Manitoba, there is certainly no shortage of beaches for sunbathing, swimming, or strolling hand-in-hand.

Grand Beach
Drive time: 1.25 hours
Dig your toes into the soft, white sand at one of the finest beaches in North America at Grand Beach Provincial Park. Stroll the boardwalk, go windsurfing, climb sand dunes as tall as eight metres and traipse over lagoon and marsh areas. The varied landscape will inspire more than just sun worship - soak up some natural history and the scenery along the Spirit Rock and Ancient Beach trails. Enjoy beachside concessions or visit nearby Grand Marais for a full range of services.

Birds Hill
Drive time: 30 minutes
Just a short drive out of the city is Birds Hill Provincial Park, a mosaic of landscapes including dry prairie, wet meadows, and aspen-oak forests. There is also a newly upgraded beach and swimming lake. The expanded beach area and lake means there is more room for sandcastles and splashing. New volleyball courts, bike trails, interpretive structures, and washrooms offer plenty of opportunity to enjoy the summer sun. Follow the Bur Oak or White-tailed Deer self-guiding trails and keep an eye -and ear - out for songbirds and waterfowl.

Winnipeg Beach
Drive time: 1 hour
For more than 100 years, city slickers turn into beach bums at Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park. The white sandy beach was so popular that in the early 1900s every weekend 40,000 beach lovers paid fifty cents for a round trip fare on one of the 13 trains running the line between the beach and Winnipeg. Today, Winnipeg Beach remains as one of the province's most popular beaches. The boardwalk follows the shoreline and connects to the town's main drag, where you can grab an ice cream or lunch on the patio. The bays along the southwest of Lake Winnipeg also offer some of the best windsurfing and sailing in Western Canada.

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