Historic Places
Understand Manitoba today by experiencing its past

Churchill Rocket Research Range | Treaty 5

Historic Places

Travel back in time with a visit to places that preserve our past.

Between fur trading forts and grand churches, the historic places of Manitoba are a celebration of its people. From Indigenous peoples who first inhabited this land, communed with settlers and signed treaties with the Government of Canada to pioneers who set down roots, shaping the Manitoba we know today.

Stories of people and places linked together.

Discover national, provincial and municipal heritage sites that represent key eras of Manitoba’s human history. Sacred Indigenous sites represent the power of sharing knowledge and ceremony. The thick stone walls of fur trade forts highlight the important relationships forged between Indigenous and Europeans, bringing to life a brand new nation, the Métis.

The peaked roofs of train stations and grain elevators stand as markers of the arrival of settlers and the shift to an agricultural lifestyle. The limestone and terracotta decorated buildings in cities and towns show how Manitoba became a hub of commerce. Discover Manitoba’s historic sites and discover the people of Manitoba.

Manitoba has 55 national historic sites, including The Forks, Lower Fort Garry and Prince of Wales Fort.

Learn about Brandon’s history

Local museums showcase Brandon's pioneer past and military connection. Visit an art gallery to see the landscape interpreted by locals or pose in front of brightly coloured murals that complement the ghost signs painted on the side of heritage buildings.

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Learn about our province's bygone pioneer era at a rural heritage village, the heart of communities across southern Manitoba.

Lower Fort Garry

Museum Highlight

Let's face it, the items found in museums can be pretty cool. Things are old, beautiful, handcrafted, shiny and contain stories of the past.

One of many fossils on display at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba

Choose a museum – any museum – and be launched into the past through rich collections of fossils, artifacts and the preserved memories of those who lived it. These are the pieces that make Manitoba the province it is today.

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Historic Sites

River Road Heritage Parkway

10 km / 6.2 miles north of the Winnipeg perimeter highway off PTH 9 on PR 238
River Road Provincial Heritage Park, MB .