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Joie de Vivre

Franco Manitobain. Our French heritage runs as deep as our rivers. It can't be limited to one place or one people. Explore the culture that has shaped our province and changed the course of history. Find it in our towns, our neighbourhoods, and our gatherings. Franco Manitobain is an identity. We protect it proudly, and share it with the world. You don't need to speak the language to catch the joie de vivre. Taste it in the food, hear it in the music and let its spirit get your blood pumping on even the coldest days of year.

Joie de Vivre, featured locations in the video
Festival du Voyageur

Explore our French heritage

St Boniface - Winnipeg

Au cœur de la francophonie manitobaine. The past is visible throughout St. Boniface, but the community's real beauty lies in the exciting blend of the old, the new and the future. 


One of the jewels of rural Manitoba, known for its annual Frog Follies and its ever-popular frog jumping championship, St. Pierre-Jolys never misses an opportunity to celebrate its rich francophone heritage. 

Ste. Anne

Surrounded by rich farmland to the west, the boreal forest to the east and with the Seine River running through the middle of town, the Town of Ste. Anne is proud of its bilingual heritage and its rich history that dates back almost two centuries.

Festival du Voyageur

Join in Western Canada's largest winter festival. Festival du Voyageur is the perfect venue to embrace a Manitoba winter while enjoying unique entertainment. The whole family will take pleasure in meeting Fort Gibraltar's historical characters, admiring snow sculptures created by artists from around the world, dancing and jigging to lively music, tasting delicious French-Canadian food and so much more. Bonding the traditions of the past with the vitality of the franco-manitoban community of today, Festival du Voyageur is a kitchen party not to be missed. Tel. 204-237-7692; fax: 204-233-7576 Web: E-mail: more

Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival

Oldest winter festival – originating in 1916 – celebrates the cultural heritage of the northern pioneer with skills and entertainment; World Championship Dog Race; King Trapper events include canoe packing, trap setting, moose calling, bannock baking and more; arts and crafts show, beard growing contest, children’s games and evening rendezvous. more

St. Boniface

Winnipeg's "French Quarter" is a historic and cultural cornerstone of the city and the largest French-Canadian community west of Quebec. It is the birthplace of Louis Riel, who was born in the Red River Settlement in 1844 and educated in St. Boniface and Montréal. Chosen as secretary of the Comité national des Métis, he later became the President of the Provisional Government, which led the struggle for a negotiated entry of the Red River Settlement into Confederation as a province rather than a territory. A bust in front of the St. Boniface Museum, a statue on the east side of Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface, a statue on the grounds of the Legislative Building, and a plaque on the western wall of St. Boniface Cathedral, all pay homage to Riel's role as a spokesman for his people. Riel's grave is located in the cemetery of the Cathedral. more

St. Boniface Cathedral (PHS)

St. Boniface Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Western Canada, was originally built in 1818 and was replaced several times. Only the façade and part of the walls remain of the 1908 structure, which burned in 1968. The current cathedral designed by Etienne Gaboury was built in 1972 within the ruins of the 1908 site. Location: 190 avenue de la Cathédrale. (PHS) more

St. Boniface Walking Tours

Enjoy a guided tour through Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg's French Quarter. Learn about the people, buildings and events that defined this rich and vibrant community, unique in architecture, charm and atmosphere, a community full of perseverance, culture, history and Joie de Vivre. Tours daily 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., mid-May to September long weekend. GPS tours available upon request. Tel. 204-233-8343; fax: 204-233-8360; Web: E-mail: Location: St. Boniface City Hall, 219 Provencher Blvd. more

St. Malo & District

St. Malo is known for its beaches, campgrounds, cottages, Summer Festival, Winter Festival, Family Hockey Tournament Weekend and outdoor pilgrimage at its famous Shrine and Grotto. Web: Location: off Hwy. 59 on Beach Road near St. Malo Provincial Park. more