Put a tech-savvy spin on a childhood tradition while geocaching through Manitoba’s great outdoors. Use GPS technology and old-school clues to engage in a province-wide hunt for hidden treasures — then pay the game forward by leaving behind a treasure of your own.

The Manitoba Geocaching Association is your gateway to adventure, offering workshops for beginners and networking opportunities for diehards. The rules of the game are simple: use online coordinates and handheld GPS devices to track down containers hidden throughout the province. Each cache includes a logbook and information sheet, and some contain tradable trinkets you can take with you (providing you leave an item of your own in its place).

Manitobans have embraced the pastime wholeheartedly, so there are thousands of geocaches to be found out there — located everywhere from Churchill to the International Peace Gardens, they range in size from big containers to pebble-sized markers.

Think of the GPS system as your personal tour guide as you explore the province’s diverse topography. In the east, wooded and rocky terrain abuts the rolling hills of the Pembina Valley, while in the Parkland region, sprawling forests and trails take you deep into the wilderness. Or head to Riding Mountain National Park, where you can comb through more than 15,000 square kilometres of biosphere reserve.