Take the Dive

Dare to take a culinary adventure?

Follow along on Take the Dive, season two and discover delicious hidden gems throughout Manitoba.

Urbanite Jorge re-introduces his suburban friend Joanna to her province through food. By exploring underappreciated and amazing restaurants, diners, cafés and dives we’ll reconnect with community and local hangouts.


In this episode, we explore on of Jorge's favourites: Pizza! The best pizzas are found in a down-to-earth community, where the dish is made with traditional, authentic ingredients. One of the best can be foundin Winnipeg's South end at Calabria Market.



In episode 4, Jorge and Joanna take a road trip to Eastern Manitoba and discover some of Manitoba's small town hidden dining nooks, each with something special to offer. This culinary adventure makes stops at Tia Maria's Taqueria in Steinbach, The Spicy Radish in Whitemouth, and  Foodie Panda in Niverville.




Produced with the participation of The Government of Manitoba, Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit, The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

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