Churchill with a Professional Local Naturalist & Birder


Half or Full Day "Roads & Trails" Tours.

Get out of town and down on the ground.

Boreal Forest, Taiga, Tundra & Marine ecosystems offer Wildflowers, Birds, Fox & Hare, and Polar Bears!

Tour Costs
Half Day Roads & Trails Tour
$95.00 (ea.)

Full Day Roads & Trails Tour
$165.00 (ea.)

Includes hotel pick-up (lunch not included)
Minimum of 3 full fare people

All prices are per person. Add 5% GST to all costs.
Children: 6-12 years: 50% off when accompanied by 2 adults; children under 6 are free.

Nature 1st (Adventure Walking Tours)

  • Address: Box 1136
  • Phone: (204) 675-2147

Full and half-day tours guided by professional local naturalist. Visit boreal forest, taiga, tundra and marine ecosystems. Wildlife, birding, flowers, natural history, local sites and polar bear security. more